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Week #6 - October 6, 2012

Brookline Knights

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	WEEK #6 - October 6, 2012                        @ Quarry Field


	BROOKLINE 22 - Southside 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Antwain Carter 35 run (Mekhi Gay run)
	Mekhi Gay 45 run (Mekhi Gay run)
	Mekhi Gay 7 run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Jamyle Liebro
	Fumble Recovery: Nicholas Ault

	NOTES: Coach Bruce and Brookline's nine-year olds took a trip
	to Bedrock and came away with a 22-12 win over the Southside
	Sabres. The Knights entered the mosh pit called Quarry Field
	and silenced both their opponents and the overly zealous Sabre
	sideline mob. It was a good day for Brookline football.
Antwain Carter puts Brookline on the
board with a 35 yard touchdown run.
* See Youtube video of Antwain Carter's 35 yard touchdown run *
	The first half began slow. Southside took control of the ball
	and drove downfield for the game's first score. Brookline
	countered with Antwain Carter's thirty-five yard endzone dash.
	Mekhi Gay aced the conversion run to put the Knights on top
	8-6. A Jamyle Liebro interception stopped a second Sabre drive
	and the half ended with the Knights holding a two-point lead.
Jamyle Liebro intercepts a Sabre pass.
* See Youtube video of Jamyle Liebro's interception *
	Brookline's opening possession of the second half bogged down.
	The Knights found themselves facing a 4th and long. Quarterback
	Grant Hamilton took the snap, dropped back, and found himself
	cornered by a strong rush. It looked like he was going down for
	a huge loss. Hamilton managed to break free and run for the
	first down. The wild scramble set up Gay's forty-five yard
	touchdown run and conversion, increasing the score to 16-6.
Mekhi Gay put Brookline ahead 14-6
with a 45 yard touchdown run.
* See Youtube video of Mekhi Gay's 45 yard touchdown run *
	The Sabres fought back with a long breakaway run to close the
	gap to 16-12. In the fourth quarter the Knights went on a long
	march. The drive was capped off by Gay's second touchdown of
	the day, this time a seven yard burst. The Knights led 22-12.
	The defense got tough and put down the final Sabre thrust.
Ethan Parker #77 drops the Sabre
runner in the backfield.
* See Youtube video of Ethan Parker's backfield tackle. *
	This was another fine win for Brookline's Nines, who improved
	their record to 4-1. The offensive line played a great game,
	propelling the team forward while forcing the Southside defense
	back. Kudos to the Brookline Knights battling in the trenches:
	LE - Brandon McGough, LT - Visawn Pennix, LG - Zachary Kalsek,
	C - Eathan Parker, RG - Nathan Trainer, RT - Nicholas Ault,
	RE - Braden Logan.


Team Photo Day

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The 9-year olds on Thursday night.
On Saturday they were dahn SahSide
puttin' a wuppin' on the Sabres.
Look at the guy with the big camera.
OK, you kneel right here.
Jaedyn and Aunt Nicole
Pappa Zilch
One more. Hold steady.
Ok, take a seat on the bench.
These young stallions are
getting restless in the coral.
Coach Donnie and his Wild Horses.
Just one more.
Waiting patiently.
These girls recently performed
on 'Steelers Kid's Zone.'
Brookline's Eights
'Look Here, Girls.'
Brookline's Eights
That's the look. Hold it.
OK, who's next.
Paparazzi Time.
We Be Football Players.
The nine year old cheerleaders
came in on Wednesday night.
One more.

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