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Week #5 - September 27, 2014

Brookline Knights

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Brookline Knight Football

	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2014            @ Danny McGibbeny Field


	Montour 13 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Tristan Pezzelle 15 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's Little Knights fell 13-6 to the Spartans of
	Montour. Down 6-0 at halftime, Brookline came battling back to
	tie the game 6-6 early in the third quarter.

	Tristan Pezzelle broke loose for a thirty-five yard run to the
	Spartan twenty, then followed up with a fifteen yard dash to
	the endzone. A failed conversion left the score deadlocked.
The sun's morning rays shine down upon
the seven year old Brookline Knights.
	The two teams slugged it out on even terms for the remainder of
	the contest. On the next to last play of the game, Montour
	crossed the goal line once more to seal their victory.

	Although falling for the fifth time in five games, our Little
	Knights once again played a fine game. It's only a matter of
	time before our young warriors capture that elusive first win.
	Keep working hard and playing your best. Good things will come.
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2014            @ Danny McGibbeny Field


	Montour 14 - BROOKLINE 0

	NOTES: Brookline's nine-year olds struggled for the second week
	in a row, losing 14-0 to the Montour Spartans. After three
	consecutive shutout victories, the Knights have fallen on hard
	times. The offense has been unable to locate the endzone for
	seven quarters while the defense has allowed six touchdowns.

	These gallant Knights are much better than this. It's time to
	put this two game slump behind us, buckle down, practice hard
	and get back to those early season winning ways.
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2014            @ Danny McGibbeny Field

	9-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Montour 18 - BROOKLINE 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Maurice Trent 40 run (Mario Grannison run)
	Maurice Trent 45 run (Mario Grannison run)

	NOTES: The nine-year old Junior Varsity Knights record fell to
	3-2 after an 18-14 loss to the Montour Spartans. Maurice Trent
	found the endzone with two long runs, his sixth and seventh
	touchdowns of the season. Mario Grannison added two successful
	conversion runs to keep the Knights in contention, but these
	fine efforts were not enough to overcome the Spartan menace.
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2014            @ Danny McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 34 - Montour 20

	Scoring Summary:

	Raeshawn Caldwell 54 run (conversion failed)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 22 run
		(Visawn Pennix pass from Antwan Peterson)
	Antwan Peterson 5 pass from Raeshawn Caldwell
		(Raeshawn Caldwell run)
	Asahn Bey-Davis 18 pass from Antwan Peterson
		(conversion failed)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 45 interception return (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Antwain Carter, Visawn Pennix
	Interception: Raeshawn Caldwell (2), Branndon Pezzelle

	NOTES: The Knights of Brookline met the Spartans of Montour in
	the PYFL Game of the Week at Danny McGibbeny Field. It was a
	matchup of the two remaining undefeated teams. The Knights and
	Spartans have been bitter rivals the past couple seasons. Both
	teams arrived at Brookline Park primed and ready to rumble.
Raeshawn Caldwell speeds around the left in
route to a twenty-two yard touchdown run.
	The forty minute war of attrition that followed was a bruising
	slugfest featuring two powerhouse clubs. The outcome hung in the
	balance until midway through the fourth quarter. When the dust
	cleared on the field of battle, the mighty Green and Black
	Knights of Brookline had prevailed by the final score of 34-20.

	The game began ominously for Brookline. Forced to punt on their
	first possession, a botched snap was recovered by Montour at
	the Knight thirty. On their first play from scrimmage, the
	Spartans covered that distance handily to claim a 6-0 lead.

	Brookline's offense quickly regained their composure and
	countered with a fifty-four yard touchdown run by Raeshawn
	Caldwell to even the contest at six-all.

	The Spartans fired back with a fifty yard return on the ensuing
	kickoff. The runner hit a crease and dashed towards the endzone
	in what appeared to be a sure touchdown. Fleet-footed Zaire
	Nelson tracked him down and, along with Asahn Bey-Davis, bagged
	and tagged the Spartan inside the ten yard line.
Jamyle Liebro takes down another Spartan.
	Two plays later, Branndon Pezzelle put an end to that Montour
	threat with a leaping interception in the endzone. For the next
	several minutes, both teams exchanged possessions on the Knight
	side of the field. Excellent defensive play kept the Spartans
	from capitalizing on the good field position.

	Nearing the end of the first half, a bad snap on a Montour punt
	was recovered by Antwain Carter. On third down, Caldwell burst
	around the left side for twenty-two yards to propel Brookline
	into the lead. A conversion toss from Antwan Peterson to Visawn
	Pennix increased the point spread to 14-6.

	Montour got one more chance before the halftime break. A long
	pass was intercepted by Caldwell, who returned the ball fifty
	yards before being pushed out of bounds at the Spartan nine.
	The buzzer sounded shortly after, leaving the Knights holding
	an eight point advantage at the intermission.
Montour's top gun found himself surrounded
by a posse of hungry Knights all game.
	The Spartans came out with their big guns blazing to start the
	second half. A fine kickoff return put Montour at the Brookline
	twenty-five yard line. A touchdown pass	on the next play left
	the Knights clinging to a mere two point edge.	

	On the next Brookline series, a long pass from Peterson to
	Carter positioned the ball deep in Montour territory. Although
	the Knights failed to score on that possession, they had the
	Spartans backed up against their own goal. A good defensive
	stand to begin the fourth quarter gave Brookline a grand
	opportunity to strike from deep inside Montour territory.

	From the five yard line, quarterback Peterson handed off to
	Caldwell, then took off to his left. Raeshawn turned and threw
	a perfect pass in Antwan's direction. The ball hit the mark
	for a Knight touchdown. Caldwell aced the two point conversion
	to reestablish the Knights cushion at ten points, 22-12.

	Like the weebles that wobble but don't fall down, the Spartans
	bounced right up. A long touchdown pass and a conversion run
	put Montour back in contention, down by a deuce at 22-20.
Raeshawn Caldwell celebrates after his last
minute interception return for a touchdown.
	The see-saw struggle continued on the next possession when
	Peterson and Bey-Davis connected for an eighteen yard scoring
	toss to make it 28-20.

	With the game clock ticking towards the last minute of play,
	Montour was teetering on the edge, but still full of fight.
	The feisty Spartans kept up the pressure in the final seconds,
	going to the air in an attempt to engineer a frantic comeback.

	As the countdown began, an errant Spartan pass found it's way
	into the out-stretched arms of Caldwell, who sealed the Knight
	victory with a fifty-five yard touchdown return, his third
	score of the day. The final result: Brookline 34 - Montour 20.

	This was a game that lived up to all expectations. It was a
	classic gridiron brawl between two evenly matched teams. On
	this day the Knights of Brookline prevailed. Anything can
	happen in the next few weeks, but this could very well have
	been a preview of the PYFL title contest. Oorah!
.    .

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	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2014            @ Danny McGibbeny Field

	11-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Montour 14 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Zaire Nelson 52 pass from Branndon Pezzelle (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline 11-Under Junior Varsity team lost a close game
	to the Montour Spartans, 14-6. Montour took an early 7-0 lead.
	Brookline struck back with a fifty-two yard touchdown pass from
	Branndon Pezzelle to Zaire Nelson. A failed conversion left the
	Spartans with a one-point advantage at halftime.
Zaire Nelson takes off towards the
endzone on his touchdown reception.
	Both teams battled it out in the second half. Although the
	Knight defense held back the Spartans, the offense could not
	gain any momentum. Montour scored again late in the fourth
	quarter to secure the victory. For Nelson, the six-point catch
	was his fifth touchdown of the season.
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'Curse You, Red Baron.'

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