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Week #7 - October 11, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	October 7, 2008

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)            @ McGibbeny Field

	BROOKLINE 16 - West Allegheny 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Jakob Richardson run (Jakob Richardson run)
	Jakob Richardson run (Jakob Richardson run)

	Fumble Recovery: Branden Wysong

	NOTES: Our littlest Knights had a good game against West
	Allegheny. After giving up an early touchdown, the Knights put
	on their game faces and stopped the West Allegheny attack. Two
	touchdowns in the second half and a good stand near the game's
	end gave the little Knights a big victory.

	On offense, Brandon Turnbull, Branden Wysong, Cullin Baker and
	Jakob Richardson had productive days. On defense, Wysong,
	Turnbull, Cole McMullen and Randy Roscoe had good games. Jack
	Motznik added a sack to round out a solid defensive effort.
	October 13, 2008

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)               @ Quarry Field

	Southside 8 - BROOKLINE 0

	NOTES: This game was supposed to be played against Baldwin,
	but they did not show up. Thanks to the coaches of the
	Southside Sabres for pulling their kids together to play a
	fun game against our little Knights. A tough defensive
	performance by both teams from start to finish. Neither
	offense was able to muster a score until the final thirty
	seconds, when Southside found the endzone.
	WEEK #7 - October 11, 2008                   @ Ross Elementary


	North Hills 12 - BROOKLINE 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Darryl Daniels 55 run (Brent Ivory run)

	Fumble Recovery: Brent Ivory, Darryl Daniels

	NOTES: North Hills scored on their first possession. A fine
	play by Branden Wysong stopped the conversion attempt. For the
	remainder of the first half, the Knight's defense held off a
	tenacious Tomahawk attack. While the offense struggled to find
	their groove, strong defensive efforts by Brent Ivory, Will
	Rupert, Trevor Hazen and Marshal White kept the score close at

	The Tomahawks struck again early in the second half. Another
	good stop by Wysong held North Hills to a 12-0 lead. In the
	fourth quarter, the Knight's offense began to move. Darryl
	Daniels 55 yard touchdown halved the North Hills lead. A good
	conversion run by Ivory brought the score to 12-8.

	Brookline got the ball back once more in the final minutes of
	the game. Lamar Lewis, Wysong and Daniels moved the ball to
	within striking distance. The final tick of the game clock
	struck first, and North Hills gained a hard-fought victory.

	Thanks to Lisa Richardson for providing game information.
	WEEK #7 - October 11, 2008                   @ Ross Elementary


	North Hills 22 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Chadric Anderson


	Having arrived at halftime, I missed the 22-0 blowout that
	was the first half and only witnessed the scoreless contest
	played during the second. From what I heard, that was a good
	thing. North Hills scored on all three of their possessions
	during the opening half and outright dominated the Knights.

	Our spunky cheerleaders aced their halftime show, and this
	spirit must have been catchy. Our young Knights came back and
	played a fairly decent second half, but the eventual outcome
	was never in doubt.
The cheerleaders did their best to keep
the players and fans spirits up.
	Kenny White started the second half with a twenty yard
	kickoff return. A nice pass from Sharron Steave to Jake	Devers
	gained twelve more yards. A couple more nice runs by White
	kept the sticks moving forward. The offense then stalled,
	turning the ball over at the North Hills twenty yard line.

	A North Hills running back soon broke free on a 54 yard
	downfield chase. The runner was caught from behind and downed
	by White deep in Brookline territory. On the next play,
	Chadric Anderson recovered a loose ball to end that charge.

	The Brookline and North Hills offenses both went four plays
	and out, turning the ball over on downs. The Knights got the
	ball back one final time at their own 26 yard line. The	second
	teamers went to work and generated a bit of a drive.

	Tyler Gettings, Brady Gault, Demetrius Cotton and Tyler
	LaRocca combined to move the sticks twice. The surge ended
	with a North Hills interception. The Brave's eleven yard
	return was abruptly terminated at midfield with a thunderous
	hit by Anthony Johnson in front of the Knight bench.

	North Hills ran off the final two minutes to end the game.
	WEEK #7 - October 11, 2008                   @ Ross Elementary


	North Hills 36 - BROOKLINE 24

	Scoring Summary:

	Loren Wicks 28 run (Amaree Hatcher pass from Loren Wicks)
	Mentchaas Anderson 89 run (Nick Manuel run)
	Loren Wicks 53 run (Nick Manuel run)

	Fumble Recovery: Stephen Schwartz, Dalton Link

	NOTES: This game was strikingly similar to the previous game.
	North Hills dominated the opening act and held a 28-8 lead at
	halftime. The Knights came alive in the second half and
	outscored the Warriors, 16-8. But despite the late game surge
	the outcome never seemed in doubt.

	The first half was pretty much all North Hills. The Warriors
	mounted four sustained drives and capped them all off with
	touchdown runs. The Knight offense was rendered powerless by
	the swarming Warrior defense. The score was 28-0 with two
	minutes to go in the half.

	Amaree Hatcher had a fine return on the fourth North Hills
	kickoff and gave Brookline's slumbering offense a boost. Loren
	Wicks then broke free on a forty yard run to the Warrior 37
	yard line. Wicks followed with a nine yard burst, then hit a
	groove and found the endzone with a 28 yard run. A good
	conversion toss to Hatcher made the score 28-8 at halftime.
The Knights cheerleaders put on
a fine halftime performance.
	During the second half, the Knights as a team came alive and
	as one Brookline fan said, "made a dandy game of it."

	The Knights took the kickoff and went to work. It took them
	four plays to strike. On fourth and long, Mentchaas Anderson
	took a Wicks handoff and streaked 89 yards for a touchdown.
	Nick Manuel dashed to the pylon for the two-point conversion
	to bring the score to 28-16.

	North Hills responded with a long drive of their own. A two
	yard plunge up the middle and a good conversion expanded the
	Warrior lead to 36-16. On their next possession, a Warrior
	coughed up the ball and Stephen Schwartz recovered, giving
	Brookline good field position near the fifty yard line.

	Wicks capitalized with a 53 yard run to the goal line for his
	second touchdown of the game. Forty-nine seconds remained in
	the third period. Another successful conversion run by Manuel
	narrowed score to 36-24.
The Knights came back in the
second half and put themselves
in a fair position for a comeback.
They made a good game of it to
the delight of their faithful fans.
	A Warrior fumble on the ensuing kickoff was recovered by
	Dalton Link. Two penalties stifled the Knight's offensive
	momentum, but another good defensive stop on North Hills next
	series gave Brookline a slim chance with 2:30 remaining.

	Another long run by Anderson gave the Knights a 1st and goal
	at the Warrior four yard line with 2:14 to go. The Knights
	were a quick score and an onside kick away from a miracle.

	A fine goal line stand by North Hills ate away precious time
	and preserved their victory. Although the eventual outcome
	never really seemed in doubt, the Knights comeback did make
	this an enjoyable game for everyone.
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	WEEK #7 - October 11, 2008                   @ Ross Elementary


	BROOKLINE 30 - North Hills 22

	Scoring Summary:

	Connor McGinnis 1 run (conversion failed)
	Khalil Sanders 4 run (Khalil Sanders run)
	Khalil Sanders 9 run (Connor McGinnis run)
	Connor McGinnis 32 run (Michael Roper run)
	Interception: Connor McGinnis (2), Michael Roper
	Fumble Recovery: Zacheria Sesay
Captains Connor McGinnis, Martino Stein,
Chad Gregorius, Michael Roper, and Khalil
Sanders meet the Zebras and the Redskins
at midfield for the pre-game coin toss.
	Brookline-North Hills Game History (2005-2008):

	2005: Brookline  8 - North Hills  6
	2006: Brookline 14 - North Hills  8 (SSYFL Super Bowl)
	2007: Brookline 14 - North Hills  6
	2007: Brookline  8 - North Hills  0 (Conference Championship)
	2008: Brookline 30 - North Hills 22

	NOTES: As age-group rivalries go, this collection of kids from
	Brookline and North Hills have met five times since 2005. In
	hard fought contests, Brookline has emerged victorious in each
	of the five meetings. All five were gridiron classics pitting
	the cream of the North versus the pride of the South. In this,
	the fifth meeting of these two powerhouse teams, the Knights
	again came out on top, 30-22, but at what price?

	This game was looked forward to with much anticipation. We all
	knew it was going to be a war. Connor McGinnis came to North
	Hills with a purpose. He was going to show us all why the
	Brookline Knights are the best, and he was determined to leave
	the field like a true champion. He did not let us down, but
	his exit was not quite what he, or anyone else, had in mind.

	The game started off a bit unexpectedly. North Hills took the
	opening kickoff and returned it 62 yards to the Knight three
	yard line. Joe Bonnar's saving tackle kept the ball in play.
	The Knights defense was up to the early challenge. The
	Redskins ran off three plays, all for negative yardage. On
	fourth down they tried a pass which Connor kindly intercepted.

	Brookline took over on their own eight yard line and scratched
	out a first down. Four downs later, after North Hills forced a
	4th and 8, the Knight's punt went errant and a Redskin fell on
	the loose ball in great field position.

	Two good stops and a sack by Julius Noel pushed the Warriors
	back. On 4th and 15, a trick play found its mark. The pass
	reception moved the ball 29 yards to the Brookline four.
	A touchdown run on the next play, and a good conversion, gave
	North Hills an 8-0 lead.
Connor McGinnis scores the first of
his two touchdowns in the second quarter.
Connor's TD closed the scoring gap to 8-6.
	Brookline took the Redskin kickoff and launched a six minute
	drive. Good runs by McGinnis and Khalil Sanders, and a nice
	pass to Joey Kalsek, moved the ball to the Redskin nine. Four
	plays later, on 4th and one, Connor powered his way into the
	endzone. A sack on the conversion attempt left North Hills in
	control, 8-6, with 6:40 to go in the first half.

	North Hills went on a run of their own. They took the kickoff
	and started a march downfield. Two first downs moved the ball
	into Knight territory. Then, a stray pass found its way into
	the arms of McGinnis, who returned it 64 yards to the Redskins
	four yard line. With 1:42 to go in the half, Sanders put the
	Knights on top with a four yard TD run. Khalil's conversion
	run gave Brookline a 14-8 halftime lead.

	Connor and Company wasted no time enlarging their lead at the
	start of the second half. An excellent kick return by Chad
	Gregorius, who played a great game from start to finish, put
	the ball at midfield. McGinnis and Sander's combined efforts
	moved the ball downfield to the nine yard line. Sanders	then
	completed the drive with his second touchdown run of the day.
	McGinnis added two points and the scoreboard read:
	Brookline 22 - North Hills 8.

	The Redskins took the kickoff and methodically moved the ball
	into Knight territory. A timely fumble recovery by Zacheria
	Sesay put the ball back into Brookline's hands with 3:19 to go
	in the third quarter.
Connor McGinnis adds a conversion
run after Sanders second touchdown
to put Brookline on top 22-8 midway
through the third quarter.
	McGinnis led the Knights downfield again, determined to put an
	exclamation point on what was quickly becoming a rout. The
	running game pushed the sticks forward twice, then McGinnis
	broke free and took off on a dash to the goal line. In hot
	pursuit, a Redskin defender caught up and pulled Connor down
	from behind just as he crossed the plane. TOUCHDOWN!

	That's when we heard it. A blood-curdling scream. It sounded
	nightmarish. When Brookline fans saw Connor lying on the
	ground reality hit hard, like a dagger through their hearts.
	When tackled, Connor's ankle broke. A stunned hush descended
	upon the crowd. Grief and concern immediately followed.

	For what seemed like a really long time, coaches huddled around
	Brookline's fallen warrior and waited for the EMS techs to
	arrive. After his leg was stabilized, and he was being taken to
	the ambulance, Connor kept asking, "Did I score?" Now that's

	As the ambulance left the field, the respect and concern showed
	by our friends from North Hills was touching. It was the kind
	of respect that can only be earned. No one did that better the
	past few years on the football field than Connor McGinnis.

	The shock of Connor's loss weighed heavily on the Knights. When
	the game resumed, Michael Roper finished off the touchdown with
	a good two-point run. With the score now 30-8, North Hills took
	advantage of the Knight's confusion. They took the kickoff to
	start the fourth quarter and mounted a relentless charge.
The defense buckled down and held
off a furious fourth quarter charge
by the tough North Hills Redskins.
	Their charge ended with a twenty yard scoring toss and a
	successful conversion to bring the score to 30-16. An onside
	kick attempt was recovered by Joey Tongel to keep the ball in
	Brookline's possession. Backup quarterback Tony Manuel moved
	the Knights downfield with six consecutive runs covering
	nineteen yards. On the seventh, a fumble was scooped up by a
	Redskin defender, who returned it 57 yards to close the gap
	to 30-22. Twenty-one seconds remained in the game.

	North Hills again tried an onside kick, this time with success.
	The Redskins had the ball at midfield with fifteen seconds
	remaining. Their first pass hit the mark. The runner went out
	of bounds to stop the clock. Time for one more play!

	With Brookliner's chewing furiously on their fingernails, the
	next pass was intercepted by Roper to put an end to North Hills
	final charge. The mighty Knights had held off the Redskins once
	again and completed a new chapter in the Brookline-North Hills
	rivalry. But, the price of this victory was mighty high.
This one's for Connor.
Get well soon.
	The entire Knights organization sends its sincerest wishes to
	Connor and the McGinnis family for his speedy and healthy
	recovery. We're sure everyone will echo this final sentiment.
	It has been a true pleasure to watch an extraordinary young
	talent like Connor. His season may have ended, but we are
	sure that he will be back, bigger and better. This is just
	a setback. His best years are ahead of him. Keep the faith.
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	WEEK #7 - October 11, 2008                   @ Ross Elementary


	North Hills 42 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Ryan Mandarino
This was the high point of the game.
The pre-game snapshot looked good.
	NOTES: Well, we've used the "ugly game" thing before, so how
	about A-W-E-F-U-L to describe this one. How the Knights can
	go from last week's 46-6 victory to this week's 42-0 defeat
	is so hard to explain or understand.

	Maybe the enigma hypothesis is more accurate than originally
	thought. Whatever the answer, this was an aweful game. It was
	28-0 at halftime. Only the mercy of the running clock kept the
	Chiefs from doubling that by game's end.

	If everyone on this team played with the same kind of drive
	and intensity as Knight Seniors Jacob Lowden and Nick Sywyj
	these games would be a lot more fun to watch. Lowden played
	a tough game on both sides of the ball. Sywyj looked like the
	classic Jack Lambert photo with blood and sweat streaming from
	the bridge of his nose. As Coach Brian patched up his wounds,
	all Sywyj wanted was to get back on the	field and hit someone.
	How can anyone watch these two warriors and not be inspired
	enough to step up their game?

	Yo Knights, take a que from Jake and Nick, and start playing
	like you know you can. Their kind of example is meant to be
	imitated, not ignored. They are your leaders ... follow them!
The cheerleaders did a great job
	Once again Nicole's cheerleaders stole the show and get the
	game ball. Each week they seem to add a new twist to their
	halftime routine. They got style, they got talent and they
	look like winners! Jake and Nick are in good company.

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