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Week #8 - October 19, 2014

PYFL Opening Round Playoffs

Brookline Knights

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Brookline Knight Football

	WEEK #8 - October 19, 2014              @ Danny McGibbeny Field


	Washington 26 - BROOKLINE 0

	NOTES: As part of the abridged PYFL playoff format, Brookline's
	Little Knights got to play one more game at home against the
	visiting Washington Prexies. Back on October 4, the Prexies
	came to Brookline and powered their way to a 20-7 victory. They
	repeated again today with a strong 26-0 win over the Knights.

	The thermometer was holding steady at forty-one degrees when
	the game began and perhaps the cold weather put a chill into
	our little ones. Brookline struggled on both offense and
	defense, finishing the extended season with a 1-7 record.

	None-the-less, our proud young Knights ended the year with
	their heads held high. Last week's victory at Baldwin was the
	shining moment that we will keep stored in our memory from this
	season, along with well-deserved respect for the grit and
	determination that these kids have displayed during the past
	three months of instructional football.

	With the 9-Under team losing their playoff game later in the
	morning, this was the final contest on the 7-Under calendar.

	Congratulations to all of our Little Knights and their coaches
	on a fine season. It was a pleasure watching you play ...

	Mark Jameson, Michael Holloway, Dae'saun Runski, Christian
	Mangan, Maxwell Wall, Tae'ron Runski, Diego Matthews, Tristan
	Pezzelle, Kaden "Budda" Wysong, Dominic Perella, John Finello,
	Tristen Nguyen, Max Marzina, Valentino Cercone, Matthew Wall,
	Jacob Morrison, Davaughn Locust, Jonathan Bernotas, Leevon
	Williams, Rico Harris, Cesare Miglioretti, Corey Davis, Eric
	Thurman, Logan Oliverio and coaches John Marzina, Steve
	Mescan, Frank Bernotas and John Finello.

	9-UNDER                                 @ Danny McGibbeny Field

	Washington 14 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	WA - 69 yard run (conversion run good - 1)
	WA - 28 yard run (conversion run good - 1)
	BR - Keshawn Harris 12 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's 9-Under Varsity team squared off against the
	Washington Prexies in the first round of the PYFL playoffs. The
	Knights (4-3) had beaten the Prexies (3-4) soundly in Week #6
	and were looking for a repeat on Brookline's home turf.

	Instead, the Prexies came north from Washington PA and muscled
	their way to a 14-6 victory over the favored Knights. With the
	season on the line, Brookline's attack stumbled and stalled,
	oftentimes missing golden opportunities due to penalties or
	turnovers. The Prexies, on the other hand, played a strong game
	and kept their mistakes to a minumum.

	Washington took the opening kickoff and were forced to punt.
	The ball touched one of the Knight players and was recovered by
	the Prexies. The Brookline defense countered quickly. A good
	hit by Amire Spencer caused a fumble. Racari El recovered.
The Brookline offense had some shining moments but
also made mistakes that may have cost them the game.
	The Knights moved the ball forward into the redzone but their
	march was halted at the fifteen. The Prexies took the ball and
	drove forward sixteen yards to the thirty-one as the first
	quarter drew to a close.

	On the initial play of the second period, a Prexie back burst
	through the line and into the clear. The sixty-nine yard dash
	put Washington up by six. A good conversion run made it 7-0.

	Brookline suffered two critical penalties on the following
	drive, one negating a long run by Keshawn Harris. After a four
	yard gain on fourth and twenty, the Knights ceded the ball at
	the Brookline forty. Three plays later the Prexies struck again
	with a twenty-eight yard touchdown run. Another good conversion
	increased the Washington advantage to 14-0.

	The Knights got one more possession before the half ended. On
	fourth and five from midfield, Racari El powered the ball six
	yards for a first down. On the next play, Harris found a crease
	and broke free onto the open prairie.

	After gaining seventeen yards, with a clear field ahead of him,
	Keshawn suddenly lost control of the ball and it was recovered
	by a pursuing Prexie. The Washington offense returned the ball
	to midfield before the first half clock expired.
Amire Spencer bulls his way through a pack of Prexies.
	After the intermission break, the Knights showed some signs of
	recovery. On their first possession Brookline moved the ball
	well before turning it over at the Washington thirty. On the
	defensive side, Brookline pushed the Prexies back to their own
	twenty-three to force a punt.

	From the Washington forty-four yard line, Harris regained his
	stride and moved the sticks to the ten. Two plays later, he ran
	twelve yards to the endzone, cutting the Prexie lead to eight
	at 14-6. On the two-point conversion run, Will Coleman bulled
	his way forward but was stopped just inches short of the line.

	The Knight defense once again stopped the Prexies on the next
	series. Washington turned the ball over and Brookline began
	another downfield drive. After moving the sticks once, a third
	down pass from Racari El to A'Mirre Brown bounced off Brown's
	helmet and careened into the open arms of a Prexie defender.

	With the clock now a factor and Brookline still competing in a
	one touchdown game, the Knight defense needed another quick
	stop. Instead, Washington ground out a first down and moved the
	ball twenty yards before being halted on fourth down.
The Knight defense gave up two first half touchdowns.
	With less than a minute to go, and no time outs remaining, the
	Knights took possession. The team got off two plays for no
	yardage before the clock expired. The game ended on that note
	and the Washington Prexies advanced to the Semi-Final round.

	This was a bit of a shocker for the Brookline players, coaches
	and fans, who were primed for another big win over the kids
	from down south. Unfortunately, this time around the Prexies
	came ready to play, and pulled off a stunning upset.

	The Brookline Nines' season has come to a conclusion. Despite
	this playoff loss, there was much to be pleased with in the
	performance of these young players and their coaches. All four
	of the Brookline wins were resounding shutout victories, and
	when the team was playing to potential they were unstoppable.

	Hats off to all of our 9-Under Knights and their coaches for
	another fine season. It's been fun watching you play ...

	William Coleman, Amiri Anderson, Racari El, Stephen Mescan,
	Mario Grannison, Keshawn Harris, A'Mirre Brown, Maurice Trent,
	Jaimeer Williams, Dimajio Locante, Isaiah Dugan, Amire Spencer,
	Connor Bonilla, Benjamin Luffy, Khalil Massey, Jordan Willard,
	Anthony Herisko, Quinnie Walker, Raymar Coleman, Xavier Morris,
	Benjamin Haniotakis, Silvio Lubawski, Malique Lewis-Brown,
	David Reed, Landon Bauer, Lorenzo Harris, Brayden Smith, Damian
	Szuch, Gregory Johnson, Robert Schulz, Tyler Oliverio, Aiden
	Didion and coaches Jason Anderson, Brandon Beer, Rahim El,
	Ruben McLauglin, Armond Morris and Eric Thurmon.
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.    .
And To The Victor Go The Spoils
Congratulations to the Washington Prexies. Great Game!
Good luck in the upcoming playoff round.

	WEEK #8 - October 19, 2014              @ Danny McGibbeny Field

	9-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition)

	BROOKLINE 28 - Washington 6

	Scoring Summary:

	BR - Maurice Trent 18 run (Jaimeer Williams run)
	BR - Mario Grannison 40 run (Malique Brown run)
	BR - Maurice Trent 51 run (Maurice Trent run)
	BR - Maurice Trent 35 run (Malique Brown run)
	WA - 60 yard run (time expired)

	NOTES: Brookline's 9-Under Junior Varsity Knights avenged their
	Varsity brothers with a 28-6 win over Washington's JV Prexies.
	Knowing that their season was ending after this game, these
	younger Knights put it all together and, playing for pride, ran
	roughshod over the visiting Prexies.

	On Brookline's first possession, Mario Grannison's thirty yard
	run set up a fifteen yard touchdown scamper by Maurice Trent. A
	good conversion run by Jaimeer Williams made the score 7-0.
The Knights offense played a great game.
	On the Knights next possession, Grannison broke free again,
	this time blazing the entire forty yards to the pylon. Malique
	Brown's conversion run up the gut increased the lead to 14-0.

	Before the first half ended, Trent added another six-pack with
	a fifty yard dash down the sideline. Maurice aced the point
	after to give Brookline a 21-0 advantage at intermission.

	The red hot Knights continued their blitz in the second half.
	Khalil Massey recovered a Prexie fumble at the Knight forty. A
	nice pass from Grannison to Connor Bonilla brought the ball to
	the Washington thirty-five.

	From there, Trent once again turned the corner and sped the
	remaining distance for his third touchdown of the game. Brown
	added his second successful conversion run to increase the
	point spread to twenty-eight.
The offensive line overpowered the Prexie defenders.
	With the time clock ticking towards the end of regulation play,
	Washington finally managed to crack the scoreboard with a sixty
	yard touchdown run on the last snap of the game. No conversion
	was attempted. The final score: Brookline 28 - Washington 6.

	The Junior Varsity Nines ended their season with a respectable
	4-4 record, the same as their Varsity brother Knights. They
	outscored their opponents by a combined total of 112-81. The
	speedy Maurice Trent accounted for seventy-six of those points
	with twelve touchdowns and four conversions. The defenders
	recorded two shutout efforts and ended the year with a dominant
	performance. Way to go Knights. We are all proud of you!
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	11-UNDER                                 @ Danny McGibbeny Field

	BROOKLINE 30 - West Mifflin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Raeshawn Caldwell 18 run (Visawn Pennix run - 1)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 37 run (Antwain Carter run - 2)
	Antwain Carter 35 run (Raeshawn Caldwell run - 2)
	Zaire Nelson 42 run (Branndon Pezzelle run - 1)

	NOTES: Coach Joe and his Mighty Knights beat the West Mifflin
	Titans 30-0 to advance to the Semi-Final round of the Parkway
	Youth Football League playoffs. The undefeated Knights crushed
	the winless Titans in a game that was, for all intents and
	purposes, over before it started.

	The Titans showed up at McGibbeny Field with a roster that had
	only twelve players. The Knights showed up with all of their
	big guns locked and loaded. The result was an instant massacre.

	West Mifflin took the opening kick and were pushed back twelve
	yards. A third down fumble was recovered by Alexander Jones. On
	Brookline's first play from scrimmage, Raeshawn Caldwell ran
	eighteen yards for a quick six. Visawn Pennix added a point
	with a good conversion run from the three.
The second team defense got a lot of playing time.
	The Titans were held to zero yardage in four plays on the next
	series. Pennix then burst forth with a thirty-five yard dash
	to the endzone. A penalty negated Visawn's fine run. Two plays
	later, Caldwell covered thirty-seven yards for his second score
	of the game. Antwain Carter's two-point conversion surge up the
	middle put the Knights ahead 15-0.

	A nice kickoff return put West Mifflin near midfield. The
	punishing Knight defense again pushed them back, this time
	fourteen yards, forcing a punt. Antwan Peterson returned the
	kick twenty-one yards to the Titan thirty-five.

	From there, Carter breached the line and scampered all the way
	for another Knight touchdown. Caldwell's two-pointer increased
	the lead to 23-0. With the Titans down to eleven men, the West
	Mifflin coach requested the running clock and was prepared to
	throw in the towel if Brookline didn't go to the second string.
	Coach Joe obliged and the game continued.
The cheerleaders at halftime.
	Linebacker Idris Wilson recovered a fumble on West Mifflin's
	next series and the Knights were back in control. The rest of
	the game was played on more even terms. The defenses dug in and
	neither team could move the ball the remainder of the half.

	During the intermission break the Knights cheerleaders put on
	their final performance of the season before the home crowd. As
	usual the girls dazzled the crowd with their spirited routine.
	Instructors Trina Burkhard and Christina Cagey, along with
	junior coaches Kiersten Swanson and Tatum Grover, have done a
	fine job building and training a talented troupe.

	With the starters sidelined and the clock on the fast pace, the
	second half moved quickly. Brookline took the kickoff and the
	Knight reserves went right to work. Michael Jackson ran sixteen
	yards into Titan territory to set up a forty-two yard slash and
	dash scoring run by Zaire Nelson. A successful point-after by
	Branndon Pezzelle made the score 30-0.
Zaire Nelson scores the final touchdown.
	The Titans offense then put together their finest drive of the
	game. Three first downs moved West Mifflin to the Brookline
	thirty yard line. The defenders got tough and pushed them back.
	On third and twenty-seven, John Brueken recovered a loose ball
	to end the uprising.

	Late in the game, Jackson intercepted a Titan pass to give
	Brookline one final possession. Strong running by Wilson and
	Jackson moved the ball to the Titan twenty before the referee
	mercifully signalled that the clock had expired.

	Considering what they were up against, the Titans deserve a
	round of applause for just showing up to play. They didn't
	stand a chance and they knew it, yet the young and the brave
	took the field and did their best against overwhelming odds.
	That alone took a lot of guts and earned them due respect.

	Next Sunday the Brookline Knights (8-0) travel to Moon Area
	High School to take on the Moon Tigers (5-3) in the Semi-Final     
	round. Gametime is 2:00pm. In the other Semi-Final matchup,
	Montour (7-1) plays Chartiers Valley (6-2) at Montour. The
	winners will return on November 2 to compete in the 1st Annual
	PYFL Super Bowl game at Chartiers Valley High School.
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Cheerleader Bake Sale and Basket Raffle

	On August 27, 2014 just three days before the first home game,
	the Knights scoreboard at McGibbeny Field, first installed in
	the summer of 2003, was struck by a lightning and rendered
	inoperable. The surge of electricity fried the components. The
	Knights organization is now looking to purchase a new $9000
	scoreboard and have it in place by next season.

	In an effort to raise capital for the equipment, all of the
	proceeds from today's game went towards that goal. In addition
	to the standard concession sales and 50-50 drawings, the Knight
	cheerleaders hosted a bake sale and basket raffle during the
	game. There were plenty of tasty treats and some nice gifts in
	the auction.

	There was also a special donation of $1000 from the Golf For
	Zach Foundation in memory of Zachary Sheridan, a Brookline
	Knight that lost his life in a tragic shooting.

	Thanks to everyone who brought goods and to the cheerleaders
	for making the effort to raise the much-needed funds. It is
	this kind of support that helps to make the Brookline Knights
	organization one of the best in the city.

'Curse You, Red Baron.'

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