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Week #8 - October 18, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	October 18, 2008                             @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 20 - Carlynton 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Branden Wysong 48 run (conversion failed)
	Cole McMullen 54 run (conversion failed)
	Branden Wysong 51 run (Cullin Baker run)

	NOTES: The littlest Knights looked mighty big this morning.
	The offense made big plays and the defense went big game
	hunting and bagged a Cougar or two. Great game! GO KNIGHTS!
	WEEK #8 - October 18, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field

	Thanks to Dan Cervone for an excellent rendering of the
	National Anthem before the first game. When the song is
	done correctly, it can be quite moving. This guy should
	be singing at Heinz Field or PNC Park.


	BROOKLINE 20 - Carlynton 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Marshal White 18 run (conversion failed)
	Lamar Lewis 17 run (Lamar Lewis pass from Brent Ivory)
	Brent Ivory 15 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Joel Wert, Marcus Jacobs

	NOTES: It was a cold, fall morning, but our little Knights
	were red hot and ready to play some football. Play they did!
	The Knight's gritty defense welcomed the re-emergence of their
	offensive punch. Together, they put the heat on the Cougars
	and came away steaming, with a 20-0 shutout victory.

	The Knight defense took charge early in the contest. Carlynton
	opened the game with a short march into Brookline territory.
	Marshal White stopped their fourth and one gamble. The Cougars
	next drive ended at midfield with a Joel Wert fumble recovery.

	Brookline's offense then took over and went on the attack. The
	line created some nice openings. Runners Lamar Lewis, Brent
	Ivory and White surged forward. A twenty-one yard scamper by
	Lewis was followed by an eighteen yard dash to the endzone by
	White. The Knights held a 6-0 lead at halftime.
The Knights were ahead at halftime
and determined to put an end to
their five-game losing streak. The kids
played a great game. GO KNIGHTS!
	The Knight's cheerleaders welcomed the chance to get out on
	the field. They showed that the players weren't the only ones
	that came ready to rock. Despite the morning chill, our girls
	performed their routine flawlessly. They were also on fire
	this morning!
Our little cheerleaders did a marvelous
job in the chilly weather. They did
a cool lift at the start of their act
and then did their routine flawlessly.
	With renewed confidence, the Knights took the ball to start
	the second half and went on another charge. Ivory provided
	the spark with a 23 yard gain to the seventeen yard line.
	Lewis covered the rest on a nice run, then took an Ivory pass
	for two more points and a 14-0 Knight's lead.

	Carlynton threatened on their next possession when a Cougar
	runner got free. Thirty-eight yards downfield, Trevor Hazen
	stopped the break-away back from behind. The defense pushed
	the Cougars back to midfield as the third quarter expired.

	The fourth quarter was all Knights. The offense chewed up the
	clock with a seven minute, fifty-two yard drive, capped off by
	Ivory's fifteen yard touchdown run. A nice cutback by Brent at
	the five left the Cougar defenders stumbling in his wake.

	A fumble recovery by Marcus Jacobs on the Cougar's last series
	gave Brookline final possession and a 20-0 shutout victory!
	Everyone played a great game, and Marshal White did quite well
	in his new assignment in the offensive backfield.
	WEEK #8 - October 18, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 20 - Carlynton 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Christian Frazier 2 run (conversion failed)
	Kenny White 29 run (Jake Devers pass from Christian Frazier)
	Troy Bryant 25 punt return (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Ryan Hough
	Interception: Kenny White
We say Green,
You say Black!
We say Number,
You say ONE!
	NOTES: The Knights fought a war this day. Brookline outplayed
	Carlynton, but the Cougars would not quit. They kept coming
	back. The game was decided in the final minute of play, and
	it was one of those nail-biters you're glad is over.

	The first half began with a bang. Brookline took the kickoff
	and marched downfield. Chadric Anderson got things rolling
	with a 27 yard dash on the first play from scrimmage. Kenny
	White covered thirteen yards on the ground, then caught a
	Christian Frazier pass for eighteen more to the Carlynton two
	yard line. From there, Frazier punched it up the middle to
	give Brookline an early 6-0 lead.

	The defense held the Cougars motionless. On the Knight's next
	possession, White took off on a fifty yard run to the Cougar
	seven yard line, but the effort was negated by a penalty. A
	punt gave Carlynton the ball to begin the second quarter. On
	third down a Cougar runner got around the flank and headed
	down the sideline for a 63 yard TD run to tie the game at 6-6.

	The Knights charged back! Anderson ran for two first downs,
	then White broke free for a 29 yard scoring run. A conversion
	toss from Frazier to Jake Devers upped the score to 14-6 with
	three minutes to go before the half. A White interception and
	a fumble recovery by Ryan Hough squelched the next two Cougar
	possessions, preserving the halftime lead.
The halftime show!
	Carlynton took the second half kickoff and mounted their only
	sustained drive of the game. Their march downfield consumed
	over ten minutes. They capped off their brief occupation with
	a two yard touchdown plunge and a good conversion to tie the
	score at 14-14.

	The Knights offense took over and moved the ball to the Cougar
	fifteen yard line, then stalled. Carlynton took over on downs
	deep in their own territory and went nowhere. They were forced
	to punt from their own thirteen. With 1:30 to go in the game,
	Troy Bryant took the kick and returned it 25 yards for the
	go-ahead touchdown. A failed conversion left the score 20-14.

	The Cougars did not think the game was over! They took the
	kickoff and returned it to the Knight 43 yard line. They
	ground out a first down but, with no timeouts remaining, the
	game clock expired to end this final threat.

	The Knight offense did a great job holding onto, and moving,
	the ball. They held a time-of-possession advantage and made
	nine first downs. That may be a first for this season. Kenny
	White is really coming into his own, both on offense and on
	defense. Let's hope this momentum can carry over to next week.
	WEEK #8 - October 18, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	Carlynton 38 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Stephen Schwartz

	NOTES: The Carlynton Cougars beat up on the Brookline Knights
	in a 38-0 shellacking. The Cougars scored on five of six
	possessions and throttled the Knight attack with a dastardly
	display of domination on both sides of the ball.

	The Knights did mount a brief threat early in the second
	quarter when passes to Nick Manuel and Corey Bogaski moved the
	sticks to the Cougar twenty-four, but that was it. Otherwise,
	this game was all Carlynton.

	One bright spot ... Amaree Hatcher had a couple nice kickoff
	returns, and he livened things up just a bit in the final
	minute of the game. Hatcher had a nice run for a first down,
	then broke free for a thirty yard dash to the two yard line
	as time expired in the game. It helped ease the pain of an
	otherwise torturous experience. Thanks, Amaree!
	WEEK #8 - October 18, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 50 - Carlynton 0	

	Scoring Summary:

	Michael Roper 24 run (Chad Gregorius run)
	Khalil Sanders 25 run (conversion failed)
	Chad Gregorius 18 run (David Suwalski pass from Michael Roper)
	Khalil Sanders 80 pass from Michael Roper (conversion failed)
	Joey Kalsek 23 pass from Michael Roper (conversion failed)
	Joe Bonnar 42 run (Giovanni DeMarzo run)
	Joey Tongel 1 run (Giovanni DeMarzo run)

	Fumble Recovery: Khalil Sanders (2)
	Interception: Khalil Sanders, Logan Salicce
Coach Donnie had these Knights
well armed and ready to play.
	NOTES: If anyone around the league wondered how the mighty
	Knights of Brookline would rebound after last week's loss of
	starter Connor McGinnis, they got their answer today. Coach
	Donnie's Knights haven't missed a beat. They destroyed the
	Carlynton Cougars in a masterful display of pigskin prowess.
	They bagged and tagged every Cougar in sight. It was fearful.

	Let's forgo the recap of the game. It's all there in the
	scoring summary.

	This week, let's give praise to the guys in the trenches.
	Each and every game, they battle it out with the opposition,
	down in the dirt, while the offensive stars seem to get all
	the recognition. These are the guys who open up the gaping
	holes that propel this offensive machine, and these are the
	guys who batter opposing lines into servile submission.

	The offensive line:

	Zach Booth (left guard), Marty Shulik (left tackle), Martino
	Stein (center), Billy O'Malley (right tackle), Gino Foster
	(right guard), Zacheria Sesay (guard/tackle), Malik Petite
	and David Suwalski (tight end).

	The defensive line:

	Joe Bonnar (defensive end), Zacheria Sesay (defensive end),
	Martino Stein (defensive end), Jeffrey Arnold (nose guard),
	Gino Foster (right tackle) and Billy O'Malley (left tackle).
Injured Knight Connor McGinnis
came to cheer on his teammates.
They gave him 50 reasons to smile.
	Now, let's get psyched up for a rematch of last year's Super
	Bowl. The undefeated Baldwin Warriors are coming to McGibbeny
	Field to seek revenge against the undefeated, and defending
	champion, Brookline Knights. It's a matchup meant for Monday
	Night Football, and the mighty Knights are ready to do battle.
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	WEEK #8 - October 18, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 26 - Carlynton 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Zach Spath 2 run (conversion failed)
	Michael Ignasky 7 run (Michael Ignasky run)
	Zach Spath 1 run (conversion failed)
	Michael Ignasky 73 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Tyler Marino, Jacob Lowden
	Interception: Ryan Mandarino

	NOTES: The elder Knights roller-coaster season took an uphill
	turn with a 26-14 victory over a scrappy Carlynton team. Like
	the nine year old Cougars, this team kept clawing away and	
	wouldn't quit. Only a Knight's defense that was up to the
	challenge kept the wild cats in the cage. The Brookline
	offense, still stinging from last week's drubbing at North
	Hills, also rose to the challenge with a well-rounded attack.
Mark Manko leads the elder
Knights onto the battlefield.
	Brookline's opening drive began at 6:30 of the first quarter.
	Riding the legs of Michael Ignasky, the Knights ground out
	four first downs, then found the endzone with a two yard
	plunge by quarterback Zach Spath. An interception on the
	conversion toss kept the score 6-0.

	A one-handed mid-air fumble recovery by Jacob Lowden ended
	Carlynton's next drive at the Knight 22 yard line. The offense
	coughed the ball up on the next play, giving Carlynton great
	field position at the Knight 29. A timely stop by Lowden on
	fourth down ended Carlynton's threat inside the Knight ten.

	Ignasky, who finished the day with nearly 200 yards rushing,
	gave Brookline some breathing room with a 42 yard burst. The
	offense stalled at midfield. Carlynton took over on downs.
	Open field tackles by Tonyea Curry stopped Cougar runs of 27
	and 22 yards. Undetered, Carlynton found the endzone. An eight
	yard run with 1:43 to go in the half tied the game at 6-6.

	The Knights came charging back before the half ended. Quick
	passes to Nick Sywyj and Louie Rotunda pushed the ball forward
	to the Carlynton six yard line. With 18 seconds left, Ignasky
	scored on a seven yard run. Michael added a two-point burst to
	give the Knights a 14-6 halftime edge.	
The Knights and the Cougars beat up
on each other during the first half.
The Knights held a slim 14-6 lead.
Whatever Coach Donnie told them at
halftime was right on. The Knights
went on a seven minute, sixty-one
yard drive to start the second half.
	Armed with momentum, and spurred on by Coach Donnie's halftime
	instructions, the Knights took the second half kickoff and
	mounted a seven minute drive. Good runs by Ignasky and Sywyj,
	and a nice pass reception by Jarrett Better, gave the Knights
	a 1st and goal at the Cougar eight. On 4th and one, Spath went
	up the middle again for the final yard and a 20-6 lead.

	Carlynton came right back, took the kickoff, and charged forth
	to the Knight seventeen. Their drive was stopped on fourth
	down. Brookline went nowhere in four plays and punted, giving
	the Cougars fine field position at the Knight 28. A long pass
	was intercepted by Ryan Mandarino and returned 95 yards for a
	touchdown. Unfortunately for Ryan, a blocking penalty during
	the runback erased his score and placed the ball at the ten.

	Ignasky covered the ninety yards in two plays. His 73 yard
	touchdown run put the game away with 2:46 remaining. Carlynton
	finally got back on the board with 1:16 to go. A twelve yard
	run and a good conversion brought the final score to 26-14.

	The Knights played with the kind of intensity that was totally
	lacking last week against North Hills. Now, let's keep that
	spirit alive next game against Baldwin and go into the post-
	season with the confidence and momentum of winners!

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