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Week #9 - October 26, 2014

PYFL Semi-Final Round Playoffs

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	WEEK #9 - October 26, 2014 - PYFL SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFFS

	11-UNDER                                     @ Moon High School

	BROOKLINE 14 - Moon 12 (OT)

	Scoring Summary:

	MN - 2 yard run (conversion failed)
	BR - Raeshawn Caldwell 54 run (conversion failed)


	BR - Raeshawn Caldwell 5 run
		(Antwain Carter pass from Antwan Peterson - 2)
	MN - 2 yard run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's Mighty Knights traveled to Moon Township
	for their semi-final round matchup against the Moon Tigers.
	Coach Joe and his Green and Black warriors arrived armed and
	ready to tame the Tigers.

	What Brookliners hoped would be a pleasant suburban safari for
	their gallant Knights turned out to be an all-out struggle for
	survival. Moon's Tigers were defending their home turf, and
	these feral cats were well-prepared for a fight. The contest
	evolved into a classic gridiron brawl. It was a Battle of Wills
	to determine who would advance to the Big Dance.

	Following forty minutes of bitter gladitorial combat, the game
	ended in a draw. After one overtime, the Knights emerged from
	the fray victorious by the score of 14-12, earning the right to
	compete in the championship for the second time in three years.

	As for taming the cats, let's just say that the Knights got the
	better of the wild beasts on this afternoon and were fortunate
	to escape the Tiger's Lair with all limbs intact.
Raeshawn Caldwell has his eyes
fixed on the Moon ball carrier.
	Moon took the first possession and gained nine yards in four
	plays. Brookline took control of the ball and drove deep into
	Tiger territory before being halted just short of the redzone.
	Moon countered with a drive to the Brookline thirty-eight.

	The pigskin changed hands again. The Tigers forced the Knights
	into reverse with a huge backfield tackle for an eleven yard
	loss. A blitzing rush on Brookline's punt attempt resulted in
	a sack and a further forfeiture of nine yards.

	From the Brookline eighteen, Moon runners then powered their
	way forward for a touchdown. A failed conversion attempt left
	the Tigers holding on to a 6-0 lead.

	A fine kickoff return by Zaire Nelson gave Brookline good field
	position at the forty-six. On the next play, Raeshawn Caldwell
	evened the game with a fifty-four yard endzone dash. The Tigers
	snuffed the conversion run and the score was deadlocked at 6-6.

	The Tigers had two more first half possessions and the Knights
	got one. Each of these four-down series were dominated by
	strong defensive play. The half ended with the score tied.

	Another good kickoff return by Nelson after the intermission
	break put Brookline near midfield to start the second period.
	The Knights drove to the Moon thirty-two before being halted
	on fourth down. After holding the Tiger offense in place,
	Brookline again took to the attack from near the fifty.

	The Knights ground out a first down before being stopped once
	more at the Tiger thirty-five. The Brookline defenders held
	firm and forced another punt. A booming kick, accompanied by
	a ten yard Knight penalty, set Brookline back to their own
	twenty-nine. Only five minutes remained on the game clock.

	The Brookline offense battered their way forward, grinding out
	three first downs and advancing the ball to the Tiger fourteen.
	The scoreboard clock expired as the Knights lined up for a
	final shot at the goal line. The contest now entered overtime.
The Brookline defense held the Tigers to just
six points in the overtime to seal the victory.
	Brookline won the coin toss and took the first possession. Two
	five yard runs by Raeshawn Caldwell put the Knights into the
	endzone. A fine two-point conversion pass from Antwan Peterson
	to Antwain Carter gave Brookline a commanding 14-6 advantage.

	Moon took control and began their do-or-die series. After an
	incomplete pass on first down, the Knights were flagged for
	being offsides and penalized five yards, moving the ball half
	the distance to the goal line.

	A second down Tiger toss to the corner of the endzone was on
	the mark. The receiver, however, just missed getting his foot
	down in play and the pass was ruled incomplete. A third down
	throw into the paint was intercepted by Visawn Pennix.

	Brookline's cheers turned to jeers as the referee called pass
	interference, advancing Moon a further two yards towards the
	goal and breathing new life into the Tiger faithful. From there
	the big cats punched the ball across the plane to pull within
	two points of salvation.

	From the five yard line, Moon went to the air for the two-point
	conversion. A fluttering pass was deflected by Leevon Gaines
	and intercepted by Jamyle Liebro. The Knights players and fans
	erupted in celebration. Game Over ... and what a game it was!

	By the numbers: Brookline's offense gained 189 total yards. The
	Knights rushed thirty-six times for 184, completed three passes
	for fourteen, and were sacked once for a loss of nine. Runners
	included Raeshawn Caldwell (16/122), Visawn Pennix (8/53),
	Antwan Peterson (7/10) and Antwain Carter (5/-1).

	Jamyle Liebro caught two passes for nine yards and Carter added
	one for five. Zaire Nelson tallied an additional thirty-three
	yards on three kick returns. Brookline gained six first downs.
	On the negative side, the Knights were penalized six times for
	a loss of thirty-two yards.

	Moon ran for seventy-eight total yards on thirty carries. The
	Tigers were 0-5 passing. They managed to move the sticks three
	times and were penalized only once for ten yards.

	What the Red and White cats lacked in yardage, they more than
	made up for in grit and ferocity. Hats off to the Moon Tigers,
	who earned a great deal of respect with their determined effort
	against an undefeated and heavily-favored opponent.
	Here is a play-by-play chronicle of the Knights-Tigers game:

	Brookline wins coin toss - elects to defend.

	Brookline kicks off to M33 - no return

	Moon ball - 9:55 1st Quarter

	M33 - 1/10 - 2 yard run
	M35 - 2/08 - 3 yard run
	M38 - 3/05 - 3 yard run
	M41 - 4/02 - 1 yard run

	Moon turns ball over on downs.

	Brookline ball - 8:10 1st Quarter

	M42 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 12 run
	M30 - 1/10 - Antwain Carter run for no gain
	M30 - 2/10 - Visawn Pennix 8 run
	M22 - 3/02 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	M27 - 3/07 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	             TIMEOUT - BROOKLINE
	M27 - 4/07 - Visawn Pennix 5 run

	Brookline turns ball over on downs.

	Moon ball - 5:50 1st Quarter

	M22 - 1/10 - run for two yard loss
	M20 - 2/12 - 5 yard run
	M25 - 3/07 - PENALTY - Brookline - offsides - 5 yards
	M30 - 3/02 - 5 yard run
	M35 - 1/10 - run for three yard loss
	M32 - 2/13 - run for two yard loss
	M30 - 3/15 - 25 yard run
	B45 - 1/10 - one yard run
	B44 - 2/09 - two yard run

	End of Quarter

	B42 - 3/07 - two yard run
	B40 - 4/05 - two yard run

	Moon turns ball over on downs.
The Knight defense had their hands
full holding back the Tiger attack.
	Brookline ball - 9:03 2nd Quarter

	B38 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell run for no gain
	B38 - 2/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell run for no gain
	B38 - 3/10 - Antwan Peterson scrambles for eleven yard loss
	B27 - 4/21 - punt

	Moon blitzes and Andrew Cagey does not get off punt.
	Cagey is sacked for a nine yard loss at B18.

	Moon ball - 6:26 2nd Quarter

	B18 - 1/10 - 15 yard run
	B03 - 1/03 - 2 yard run
	B01 - 2/01 - 1 yard run
	             two yard run


	Moon kicks off to B23
	Zaire Nelson 23 yard return to B46

	Brookline ball - 5:18 2nd Quarter

	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	B46 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 54 run
	             Antwan Peterson run for three yard loss


	Brookline kicks off to M49 - no return

	Moon ball - 5:02 2nd Quarter

	M49 - 1/10 - one yard run
	X50 - 2/09 - run for no gain
	             PENALTY - Moon - holding - 10 yards
	             TIMEOUT - Moon
	M40 - 2/19 - run for no gain
	M40 - 3/19 - three yard run
	M43 - 4/16 - punt

	Moon kicks to B35 - no return

	Brookline ball - 2:07 2nd Quarter

	B35 - 1/10 - Antwain Carter run for one yard loss
	B34 - 2/11 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	B34 - 3/11 - Antwan Peterson 3 run
	             TIMEOUT - Moon
	B37 - 4/08 - punt

	Brookline kicks to B36 - no return

	Moon ball - 0:49 2nd Quarter

	B36 - 1/10 - incomplete pass
	B36 - 2/10 - incomplete pass
	B36 - 3/10 - one yard run
Cheering their team on to victory.
	Second Half Begins ...

	Moon kicks off to B30
	Zaire Nelson 12 yard return to B45

	Brookline ball - 9:53 3rd Quarter

	B45 - 1/10 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	B40 - 1/15 - Raeshawn Caldwell 5 run
	B45 - 2/10 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	B45 - 3/10 - Visawn Pennix 8 run
	M48 - 4/02 - Antwan Peterson 8 run
	M40 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 4 run
	M36 - 2/06 - Antwain Carter 2 run
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	M34 - 3/04 - Raeshawn Caldwell 3 run
	M31 - 4/01 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	M36 - 4/06 - Antwan Peterson 4 pass to Jamyle Liebro

	Brookline turns ball over on downs.

	Moon ball - 4:16 3rd Quarter

	M32 - 1/10 - one yard run
	M33 - 2/09 - run for one yard loss
	M32 - 3/10 - three yard run
	M35 - 4/07 - punt

	Moon kicks to B48 - no return

	Brookline ball  - 1:58 3rd Quarter

	B48 - 1/10 - Antwain Carter run for two yard loss
	B46 - 2/12 - Raeshawn Caldwell 7 run
	M47 - 3/05 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	M47 - 4/05 - Antwan Peterson 6 run

	End of Quarter

	M41 - 1/10 - Antwain Carter run for no gain
	M41 - 2/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell run for two yard loss
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	M43 - 3/12 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	M43 - 4/12 - Raeshawn Caldwell 8 run

	Brookline turns ball over on downs.

	Moon ball - 7:52 4th Quarter

	M35 - 1/10 - three yard run
	M38 - 2/07 - two yard run
	M40 - 3/05 - run for two yard loss
	M38 - 4/07 - punt

	Moon kicks to B41
	Zaire Nelson returns for two yard loss
	PENALTY - Brookline - illegal block - 10 yards

	Brookline ball - 5:34 4th Quarter

	B29 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 2 run
	B31 - 2/08 - Visawn Pennix 3 run
	B34 - 3/05 - Antwan Peterson 5 pass to Jamyle Liebro
	             Measurement - 1st down by an inch!
	B39 - 1/10 - Antwan Peterson 7 run
	B46 - 2/03 - Raeshawn Caldwell 6 run
	M48 - 1/10 - Visawn Pennix 19 run
	M29 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 2 run
	M27 - 2/08 - Visawn Pennix 2 run
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	M25 - 3/06 - Raeshawn Caldwell 9 run
	M16 - 1/10 - Visawn Pennix 6 run
	M10 - 2/04 - Visawn Pennix 2 run
	M08 - 3/02 - Antwan Peterson run for no gain
	M08 - 4/02 - GAME CLOCK - EXPIRED



	Brookline wins toss - elects to go on offense first

	Brookline ball at the ten yard line.

	M10 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 5 run
	M05 - 2/05 - Raeshawn Caldwell 5 run
	             Antwan Peterson 5 pass to Antwain Carter

Raeshawn Caldwell scores a touchdown
in overtime for a 12-6 Knight lead.
	Moon takes possession

	Moon ball at the ten yard line.

	B10 - 1/10 - incomplete pass
	B10 - 2/10 - PENALTY - Brookline - offsides - 5 yards
	B05 - 2/05 - incomplete pass
	             Moon receiver caught pass in endzone but
	             his feet came down just out of bounds.
	B05 - 3/05 - incomplete pass
	             ball intercepted by Visawn Pennix in endzone
	             PENALTY - Brookline - interference - 2 yards
	B03 - 3/03 - three yard run
	             attempted pass tipped by Leevon Gaines and
	             intercepted by Jamyle Liebro



Photos From The Semi-Final Playoff Game

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	                       ANY GIVEN SUNDAY

	Congratulations to the 11-Under Brookline Knights, who will
	compete next Sunday afternoon in the Super Bowl game versus the
	Montour Spartans at Chartiers Valley High School. The Spartans
	advanced to the championship by virtue of their 26-0 victory
	over the Chartiers Valley Colts. Gametime is 3:00pm.

	Since the players on both the Knights and Spartans were eight
	years old, the two teams have been engaged in quite a rivalry.

	They have met on the field of battle six times, with the series
	even at three wins apiece. At age eight, the Spartans won a 6-0
	shutout. At nine, the Knights won 8-6 during the regular season
	then fell in triple overtime, 12-6, at the SSYFL Super Bowl.

	Last season, at age ten, Brookline again beat Montour in their
	first contest, 14-12. The Spartans bounced back by knocking off
	the Knights in the semi-final playoff round, 32-20. This year,
	Brookline prevailed over Montour in Week#5 by a score of 34-20.

	Now the Brookline Knights and the Montour Spartans will clash
	again in the 1st annual PYFL Super Bowl. Their see-saw rivalry
	has produced some of the best playoff football games in recent
	memory. Could this be the year that the Knights finally put the
	Spartan Menace to rest? Is the third time really a charm?

	We'll have to wait until next weekend to learn the answers.
 	Anything can happen on Any Given Sunday.  Let's Go Knights!
	WEEK #9 - October 26, 2014                   @ Moon High School

	11-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 6 - Moon 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Zaire Nelson 64 kickoff return (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's 11-Under Junior Varsity Knights followed up
	on the Varsity Knights playoff victory with a 6-0 triumph over
	Moon's JV Tigers. It was another in a series of nail-biters for
	Coach Joe's reserves, but once again, these gritty warriors
	found a way to eek out a win.

	Zaire Nelson scored the game's only touchdown on the opening
	kickoff. The speedy Zee scooped up the bouncing ball, zigged
	and zagged into the open field, then turned on the afterburner.
	His flight ended sixty-four yards downfield to the cheers of
	the Brookline fans. Branndon Pezzelle's point-after run was
	stopped short of the goal, leaving the Knights with a 6-0 lead.

	Moon took the ball and began a sixteen minute sustained drive.
	The Tigers scratched and clawed their way for three first
	downs, then advanced a further fifteen yards to the Knights
	twelve yard line courtesy of a facemask penalty.

	With their backs to the wall, the Brookline defense stiffened
	their resolve and held back the Tigers. A fourth down pass was
	intercepted by Pezzelle in the endzone and returned to the
	four yard line to silence the Moon threat.
Running back Idris Wilson is
stoppe by a den of Tigers.
	Good running by Michael Jackson and a gutsy power run up the
	middle by Pezzelle moved the sticks forward to the fifteen.
	The Tiger defenders dug in and held the Knights to no gain on
	the next three snaps to force a punt.

	The kick was fielded by Moon and fumbled. The loose ball was
	recovered by Andrew Cagey to prevent a last minute opportunity
	for the Tigers. An incomplete pass from Pezzelle to Nelson was
	the final play of the first half. The Knights entered the
	intermission clinging to their six-point advantage.

	Moon began the second half at midfield. Some strong rushing
	moved the ball to the Brookline thirty-five. This Tiger drive
	came to an end with another turnover, a fumble recovered by
	Jacob Davis at the Brookline thirty.

	The Tigers bounced right back. recovering a Brookline fumble
	three plays later at the Knight twenty-nine. The Moon offense
	advanced the ball nine yards on four plays and were stopped
	just a foot short of the first down marker.
The Brookline defense played another strong game.
	From their own twenty yard line, the Knight offense began a
	sixty-yard march into Tiger territory. Two fine runs by Jackson
	and a long pass from Pezzelle to Cagey positioned the Knights
	at the Moon thirty-two.

	Looking to put the game away, Pezzelle threw a pass to Nelson
	over the middle. As the flying pigskin reached it's intended
	target, Zaire was hit immediately and the ball jarred loose.
	Moon recovered. The referee ruled that Nelson had possession
	at the time of the hit. Moon took over at their own twenty.

	With only two minutes to play, the Tigers went to the air. One
	pass hit the mark and moved the sticks forward ten yards. The
	next toss was off the mark and intercepted by Pezzelle at the
	Tiger thirty. The game clock expired shorty after.

	The JV Knights improved their record to 5-2 and, by virtue of
	the Mighty Knights Semi-Final victory, will get to play one
	final game next week during the PYFL Super Bowl extravaganza
	at Chartiers Valley High School.
.    .

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'Curse You, Red Baron.'

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