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Week #9 - October 26, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	October 26, 2008                             @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 14 - Baldwin 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Branden Wysong 31 run (no conversion attempt)
	Jakob Richardson 52 run (no conversion attempt)
	WEEK #9 - October 26, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	Baldwin 14 - BROOKLINE 0

	NOTES: The Baldwin Broncos scored on their first possession of
	both halves and their defense throttled the Knights attack.
	The result was a 14-0 Baldwin victory over a Brookline team
	that could not generate any offensive punch.

	Brent Ivory provided Brookline fans with some excitement early
	in the game when he took off on a long run. Brent went left,
	then went right, criss-crossing the field until he found an
	opening. On the books it was a fifteen yard gain, but Ivory
	covered about ninety yards altogether. It was fun to watch.
	WEEK #9 - October 26, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	Baldwin 6 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Chadric Anderson (2)
	Interception: Chadric Anderson

	NOTES: This game was a defensive gem. It was one of those
	games that is decided by field position, and Baldwin enjoyed
	the best of that world for most of the contest. Despite having
	it's back to the wall repeatedly, the Knights defense held on.
	The game was scoreless for 39 minutes and 38 seconds. Only in
	the final 22 seconds were the Breakers able to break the
	deadlock. Their persistence was rewarded with a 6-0 victory.

	After their first possession failed, Baldwin got off a great
	punt that took a Breaker bounce and pinned Brookline deep in
	its own territory. The ball never crossed midfield the rest of
	the half. Thanks to some great defensive stops by Brookline,
	the Breakers were held scoreless. Chadric Anderson had a
	fumble recovery and a goal line interception to end serious
	Baldwin threats. Brookline's offense, on-the-other-hand, was
	unable to mount any sort of attack.

	The second half was much the same as the first. Baldwin's
	defense was able to push the Knights back into their own
	territory and kept them there. Without any offensive punch,
	the Knights defense was consigned to battling it out alone
	against a determined Breaker attack. It was only a matter of
	time before the dam broke.

	The end began with 4:47 to go in the fourth. Baldwin took over
	on the Knight's 39 yard line and pushed forward. Three first
	downs later the Breakers were at the Brookline two. With
	twenty-two seconds remaining, a Breaker back punched it up the
	middle for a touchdown to break the stalemate. Game Over.
	WEEK #9 - October 26, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	Baldwin 40 - BROOKLINE 0

	NOTES: Baldwin scored on five of seven field possessions and
	their defense kept the Knights offense moving in reverse the
	entire game. Aside from a 38 yard run by Mentchaas Anderson on
	the first play from scrimmage, this day belonged entirely to
	the Baldwin Vikings.
	WEEK #9 - October 26, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	Baldwin 8 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Gino Foster, Joey Kalsek

	NOTES: The much anticipated game between the mighty Knights of
	Brookline and the Baldwin Warriors was everything it was built
	up to be. Two of the premier teams in the SSYFL battled it out
	for forty minutes. When the dust cleared, Baldwin had handed
	the Knights an 8-0 defeat. It was Brookline's first loss after
	a string of fifteen consecutive wins dating back to last year.
	It was also sweet revenge for a Baldwin squad that lost the
	2007 Super Bowl to these very same Knights.

	The first half was an offensive showdown. Baldwin took the
	opening kickoff and ground out a first down. A Gino Foster
	fumble recovery gave possession to the Knights with two
	minutes gone. The Knights then marched downfield, collecting
	four first downs along the way. Penalties put an end to this
	promising drive at the Baldwin 27 yard line.

	Baldwin took over and went on a march of their own. Aided by
	two more Brookline penalties, the Warriors moved the sticks
	four times on their deep push into Knights territory. Their
	drive was capped off by a nine yard touchdown run and good
	conversion with 3:39 remaining in the second quarter.

	Khalil Sanders returned the ensuing kickoff 25 yards, then
	added a first down on the ground before the clock wound down
	to the end of the half. After twenty minutes of play, Baldwin
	was in control with an 8-0 advantage.

	The second half was a defensive stalemate. The Knights crossed
	midfield twice, but were stopped both times inside the Baldwin
	thirty yard line. Baldwin's attack never crossed midfield, but
	that didn't matter. The Warrior defense rose to the occasion
	and protected their eight-point lead to the very end.

	It's difficult to say which team was better on this day. Both
	Baldwin and Brookline played equally gritty games. Four costly
	first half penalties against the Knights proved too much to
	overcome and gave the Warriors all the edge they needed. This
	coming week, our Knights need to work hard on playing smart,
	mistake-free football. That's how to win playoff competition.


	I would like to take a moment to thank all of the Brookline
	Knight players, coaches and parents for all of your support
	and generosity during this trying time for my nephew Connor.
	Your kind words and actions have meant a lot to me and has
	made the transition without Connor much easier. This was the
	first time in five years that he wasn't on the sidelines with
	us. Special thanks go out to the Nicholas family and to
	everyone associated with my 11-year old team for your
	continued support and encouragement. It really means a lot!
	- Coach Don
	WEEK #9 - October 26, 2008                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 48 - Baldwin 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Mark Manko 85 kickoff return
		(Joey Nicholas pass from Zach Spath)
	Louie Rotunda 2 pass from Zach Spath (conversion failed)
	Zach Spath 2 run (conversion failed)
	Nick Sywyj 16 run (Mark Manko run)
	Louie Rotunda 7 pass from Zach Spath (Mark Manko run)
	Mark Manko 3 run (conversion failed)
	Russell Page 16 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Jacob Lowden (2), Nick Sywyj
	Interception: Ryan Mandarino, Mark Manko

	NOTES: The Brookline Knights rained down upon the Baldwin
	Hurricanes with a Category 5 attack that helped make up for
	the day's four previous shutout defeats. When the tempest
	finally subsided, the Knights brought their regular season to
	a close with a 48-6 victory.

	The storm intensified quickly. Mark Manko took the opening
	kickoff and ran 85 yards for the Knight's first score. A
	tackle eligible pass to Joey Nicholas made the score 8-0.
	Jacob Lowden pounced on a loose kickoff. A 21 yard reception
	by Tonyea Curry moved the ball to the two. Zach Spath then
	tossed a short pass to Louie Rotunda for a 14-0 lead.

	A Lowden fumble recovery on Baldwin's first play from
	scrimmage gave the ball right back to Brookline. Another long
	run by Curry set up the game's third score. With less than
	three minutes gone, Spath powered his way into the endzone.

	An interception by Ryan Mandarino on Baldwin's next series led
	to another quick touchdown, a sixteen yard run by Nick Sywyj.
	With 3:28 left to play in the first quarter, lightning had
	struck four times and the Knights held a 28-0 lead.

	Momentarily blinded by the intensity of their own light show,
	the Knight defense let a Baldwin receiver slip by and race 62
	yards to safety. The incident spoiled the perfect storm, but
	did nothing to stop the raging flood of points. Before the end
	of the second quarter, Spath hooked up with Rotunda once more,
	expanding the Brookline lead to 36-6 at halftime.

	In what had rapidly become a named-storm, the Knight's kept
	raining points on Baldwin in the second half. An interception
	by Manko on the Hurricane's second third quarter possession
	led to Mark's second touchdown of the day, a three yard sweep
	around the right side. Once Hurricane Manko had passed, his
	damage estimates alone totalled over 100 yards rushing, over
	100 yards returning kicks and sixteen total points.

	The eye of the storm may have passed, but the rain continued.
	At this point, the second-stringers came on and the scoring
	parade went on. A nice pass from Russell Page to Dorian
	McCray set up the Knight's seventh touchdown. Russell's
	sixteen yard touchdown run with eight minutes to go proved to
	be the final blow. The skies cleared and calm returned.
Knight Captains Nick Sywyj and Jacob Lowden
have distinguished themselves with hard play
all season. The rest of the team seems to be
stepping up their game as well. Good timing!

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