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Week #11 - November 3, 2013

The SSYFL Super Bowl

Brookline Knights

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Brookline Knights



	WEEK #11 - November 3, 2013 - SSYFL SUPER BOWL

	11-UNDER                                  @ Montour High School

	BROOKLINE 26 - Thomas Jefferson 0

	Scoring Summary:

	BR - Marques Watson 2 run (Jack Sullivan pass from Nick Roell)
	BR - Jonathan Morin 51 run (conversion failed)
	BR - Jonathan Morin 67 pass from Nick Roell (conversion failed)
	BR - Marques Watson 28 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Jonathan Morin, Mason Ventrone,
	                 Deshaun Alexander
	Interception: Demetri Bose

	NOTES: Coach Donnie and the defending champion Mighty Knights
	of Brookline came to Montour High School for the title matchup
	against the Jaguars of Thomas-Jefferson. In a repeat of last
	year's championship game, the Knights once again defeated the
	Jaguars, this time by the score of 26-0.
The Brookline offense had a great game.
	Brookline dominated the contest from start to finish. When the
	Montour stadium game clock had run its course, Brookline's
	proud warriors hoisted the glimmering Super Bowl trophy and
	for the second time proclaimed the Knights as Number One! 

	Using their powerful running game and menacing defensive front,
	the Knights overwhelmed the Jaguars. At no point in time was
	there the slightest doubt as to who was in charge on this day.
	The Brookline Knights put on a football clinic.

	Thomas-Jefferson won the coin toss and took first possession.
	A twenty-two yard run on their second play from scrimmage moved
	them across midfield. The Jaguars reached the Knights forty-one
	yard line before being forced to punt. A botched exchange on a
	handoff resulted in a Knight turnover at the thirty-nine. The
	Jaguars were again pushed back and forced to punt.
	Brookline took control on their fourteen yard line and went on
	a fifteen-play drive, capped off by Marques Watson's two yard
	touchdown plunge. A conversion toss from Nick Roell to Jack
	Sullivan gave the Knights an 8-0 second quarter lead.

	At the three minute mark, Jonathan Morin added another six-pack
	with a fifty-one yard scoring run to increase the point spread
	to 14-0. As the first half wound down, Brookline again charged
	into Jaguar territory. A twelve-play drive took Brookline all
	the way to the Thomas-Jefferson one yard line. Time expired as
	the Knights offense tried to quickly line up for a final play.

	Brookline took the kickoff to start the second half and picked
	up where they left off. A sixty-seven yard pass from Roell to
	Morin increased the Knights advantage to 20-0. Mason Ventrone
	recovered a Jaguar fumble on their next series, then powered
	the Knights downfield with three strong runs. With one minute
	to go in the third quarter, Watson rumbled twenty-eight yards
	down the sideline for his second touchdown, and a 26-0 lead.
Jonathan Morin scored twelve points.
	The Brookline reserves entered the game and played the entire
	fourth quarter. The defenders did a nice job holding back a
	brief Jaguar incursion. The offense, led by backup quarterback
	Jordan Bonilla, successfully moved the sticks to help manage
	the time clock. Bonilla finished the game by taking two knees.
	When the buzzer sounded, the players began the celebration.
	The Brookline Knights had successfully defended their crown
	and were now the BACK-TO-BACK Super Bowl Champions!

	By the numbers:

	Brookline's offense gained 338 yards total offense. The Knights
	ran for 242 yards on forty carries and added another ninety-six
	through the air. Knight rushers include Watson 21/135, Ventrone
	9/51, Morin 1/51, Jahmaine Hatten 2/7, Bonilla 4/3, Roell 1/-1,
	Dante Douglas 1/-1 and Deshaun Alexander 1/-3. Roell completed
	six of nine passes. Morin caught three for eighty-one yards,
	Sullivan grabbed two for fifteen and Ventrone hauled in one for
	no gain. The Knights were penalized four times for thirty-five
	yards, made eleven first downs and committed three turnovers.
The Jaguar offense was held scoreless.
	Thomas-Jefferson accumulated fifty-three total yards, all on
	the ground. They rushed the ball twenty-seven times and threw
	two errant passes. The Jaguars were penalized five times for a
	loss of thirty yards, committed two turnovers and had three
	first downs. The Knights defense did a super job.

	Brookline finished with a 9-1 record. Over the course of the
	year, the Knights outscored their ten opponents by a combined
	score of 318-56, including six shutout wins. The offense was
	led by the four horsemen: Watson, Ventrone, Morin and Roell.
	Together they combined for forty-one touchdowns. Ventrone had
	fourteen, followed by Morin's thirteen and Watson's eleven.
	Roell ran for one score and passed for another nine. This was
	the first time in forty years that a Knight team has had four
	players producing ten touchdowns or more.

	Over the past three seasons, this talented group of players has
	forged their way to a 30-2 record, including three trips to the
	title game and two Super Bowl victories. For Coach Don, this is
	his seventh championship with the Knights program (2004, 2006,
	2007, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013). An eighth title came as an
	assistant coach in 1998. That's how legends are made.
Dante Douglas (#31) make a nice tackle.
	Here is a play-by-play chronicle of the Knights-Jaguars game:

	TJ wins coin toss - elects to receive.

	Brookline kicks off to TJ30, returned eight yards to TJ38.

	TJ ball - 9:55 1st Quarter

	T38 - 1/10 - PENALTY - TJ - false start - 5 yards
	T33 - 1/15 - Twenty-two yard run
	B45 - 1/10 - Two yard run
	B43 - 2/08 - Two yard run
	B41 - 3/06 - Run for two yard loss
	B43 - 4/08 - PENALTY - TJ - false start - 5 yards
	B48 - 4/13 - punt

	TJ punt travels to B33 - no return

	Brookline ball - 6:52 1st Quarter

	B33 - 1/10 - Marques Watson 4 run
	B37 - 2/06 - Mason Ventrone 3 run
	B40 - 3/03 - Nick Roell run for one yard loss
	             FUMBLE - recovered to TJ

	TJ ball - 5:41 1st Quarter

	B39 - 1/10 - Run for four yard loss
	B43 - 2/14 - Five yard run
	B38 - 3/09 - Run for two yard loss
	B40 - 4/11 - punt

	TJ punt travels to B14 - no return

	Brookline ball - 2:59 1st Quarter

	B14 - 1/10 - Mason Ventrone 3 run
	B17 - 2/07 - Marques Watson 4 run
	B21 - 3/03 - Mason Ventrone 14 run
	B35 - 1/10 - Marques Watson 22 run
	T43 - 1/10 - Marques Watson 6 run
	T37 - 2/04 - Marques Watson 3 run
	T34 - 3/01 - Marques Watson 3 run

	End of Quarter

	T31 - 1/10 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	T36 - 1/15 - Marques Watson 3 run
	T33 - 2/12 - Jack Sullivan 12 pass from Nick Roell
	T21 - 1/10 - Marques Watson 5 run
	T16 - 2/05 - Marques Watson 8 run
	T08 - 1/08 - Marques Watson run for no gain
	T08 - 2/08 - Marques Watson 6 run
	T02 - 3/02 - Marques Watson 2 run
	             CONVERSION GOOD
	             Jack Sullivan 3 pass from Nick Roell

Marques Watson scores the Knights first touchdown.
	Brookline kicks off to TJ38 - no return

	TJ ball - 6:42 2nd Quarter

	T38 - 1/10 - Run for two yard loss
	T36 - 2/12 - Five yard run
	T41 - 3/07 - One yard run
	T42 - 4/08 - punt

	TJ punt travels to B45, fielded by Jonathan Morin.
	FUMBLE - recovered by Jonathan Morin.

	Brookline ball - 3:56 2nd Quarter

	B45 - 1/10 - Marques Watson 4 run
	B49 - 2/06 - Jonathan Morin 51 run
	             Nick Roell pass intended for Aidan Logan
	             Intercepted by TJ


	Brookline kicks off to TJ32, returned eight yards to TJ40

	TJ Ball - 3:09 2nd Quarter

	T40 - 1/10 - Incomplete pass
	T40 - 2/10 - Pass INTERCEPTED by Demetri Bose at B40
	             Bose returns five yards to B45

	Brookline ball - 2:54 2nd Quarter

	B45 - 1/10 - Marques Watson 9 run
	T46 - 2/01 - Marques Watson 2 run
	T44 - 1/10 - Mason Ventrone 6 run
	T38 - 2/04 - Marques Watson 7 run
	T31 - 1/10 - Mason Ventrone 11 run
	T20 - 1/10 - Mason Ventrone pass from Nick Roell
	             Ventrone runs 20 yards to the endzone
	             PENALTY - Brookline - illegal block - 10 yards
	             Pass play goes for zero net yardage
	T30 - 1/20 - Nick Roell pass incomplete
	T30 - 2/20 - Jonathan Morin 10 pass from Nick Roell
	T20 - 3/10 - Nick Roell pass incomplete
	             PENALTY - TJ - pass interference - 10 yards
	T10 - 1/10 - Jonathan Morin 4 pass from Nick Roell
	T06 - 2/04 - Marques Watson 5 run
	Second Half Begins ...

	TJ kicks off to B43, returned 12 yards by Aaron King to TJ45

	Brookline ball - 9:50 3rd Quarter

	T45 - 1/10 - Marques Watson run for one yard loss
	T46 - 2/11 - Mason Ventrone run for six yard loss
	             PENALTY - Brookline - clipping - 15 yards
	B33 - 3/32 - Jonathan Morin 67 pass from Nick Roell
	             Marques Watson 1 run


	Brookline kicks off to TJ 44 - no return

	TJ ball - 8:31 3rd Quarter

	T44 - 1/10 - Seven yard run
	B49 - 2/03 - Run for no gain
	B49 - 3/03 - PENALTY - Brookline - offsides - 5 yards
	B44 - 1/10 - Run for no gain
	B44 - 2/10 - PENALTY - TJ - false start - 5 yards
	B49 - 2/15 - PENALTY - TJ - false Start - 5 yards
	T46 - 2/20 - One yard run
	T47 - 3/19 - Thirteen yard run
	             (saving tackle by Demetri Bose)
	B40 - 4/06 - Run for two yard loss
	             FUMBLE - recovered by Mason Ventrone at B38

	Brookline ball - 3:32 3rd Quarter

	B38 - 1/10 - Mason Ventrone 7 run
	B45 - 2/03 - Mason Ventrone 7 run
	T48 - 1/10 - Marques Watson 14 run
	T34 - 1/10 - Mason Ventrone 6 run
	T28 - 2/04 - Marques Watson 28 run
	             Jordan Bonilla 2 run

Marques Watson takes off on
his second touchdown run.
	Brookline kicks off to TJ41 - no return

	TJ ball - 1:13 3rd Quarter

	T41 - 1/10 - Run for three yard loss
	T38 - 2/13 - Seven yard run

	End of Quarter

	T45 - 3/06 - Nine yard run
	B46 - 1/10 - Four yard run
	B42 - 2/06 - Run for no gain
	B42 - 3/06 - Two yard run
	B40 - 4/04 - Run for three yard loss

	TJ turns ball over on downs.

	Brookline ball - 7:11 4th Quarter

	B43 - 1/10 - Jordan Bonilla 3 run
	B46 - 2/07 - Jahmaine Hatten 7 run
	T47 - 1/10 - Dante Douglas run for one yard loss
	T48 - 2/11 - Deshaun Alexander run for three yard loss
	             FUMBLE - recovered by Deshaun Alexander
	B49 - 3/14 - Jahmaine Hatten run for no gain
	             FUMBLE - recovered by TJ at B49

	TJ ball - 3:34 4th Quarter

	B49 - 1/10 - Run for two yard loss
	T49 - 2/12 - Run for three yard loss
	T46 - 3/15 - Run for three yard loss
	T43 - 4/18 - One yard run

	TJ turns ball over on downs

	Brookline ball - 1:16 4th Quarter

	T44 - 1/10 - Jordan Bonilla takes knee for one yard loss
	T45 - 2/11 - Jordan Bonilla takes Knee for one yard loss

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The Brookline Knights are #1.
	Congratulations to the 2013 Super Bowl Champions, the 11-year
	old Brookline Knights:

	The Players: Nick Roell, Jonathan Morin, Shane Woodhall,
	Jahmaine Hatten, Dominic Elliott, Chad Lubawski, Ryan Elliott,
	Dante Douglas, Terrence Rudolph, Hassan Davis, Marques Watson,
	Quinn Hunter, Jordan Bonilla, DeShaun Alexander, Zachary Munn,
	Demetri Bose, Aaron King, Amicah Saunders, Mason Ventrone,
	John Slebrich, Aidan Logan, Jack Sullivan, Michael Matthews,
	James "J.B." Nelson and Jaymere Stackhouse.

	The Coaches: Don Helman, Jerry Tuite, Carl Roell, Joe Tongel
	and Mike Ventrone.

	WEEK #11 - November 3, 2013 - SSYFL SUPER BOWL

	13-UNDER                                  @ Montour High School

	BROOKLINE 20 - Bethel Park 6

	Scoring Summary:

	BP - One yard run (conversion failed)
	BR - Raekwon Caldwell 2 run (Quran Powe run)
	BR - Quran Powe 80 run (conversion failed)
	BR - Curtis Bradley 5 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Quran Powe, Justin Howell

	NOTES: Coach Brian Nicholas and his thirteen-year old Brookline
	Knights descended upon Montour High School for their 2013 SSYFL
	Super Bowl matchup with the Bethel Park Hawks. Two weeks ago,
	the Knights won a thrilling overtime victory over the Hawks.
	The title game was a highly anticipated battle, with each team
	playing for both pride and the coveted season championship.

	The Knights and the Hawks put on quite a show. They fought like
	warriors, two rival clans dueling for south suburban supremacy.
	The game hung in the balance until midway through the final
	period. After forty minutes the guns were silenced. Brookline's
	Knights had prevailed over Bethel's Hawks by the score of 20-6.
	After eleven long weeks of blood, sweat and toil, the Knights
	were crowned as the Super Bowl Champions!
The Brookline Knights!
	The Knights took the opening kickoff and quickly marched to the
	Bethel twenty-five. The Hawks resistance stiffened. They pushed
	the Knights back fourteen yards. Bethel took over on their own
	thirty-nine yard line and launched an eleven-play touchdown
	drive. A one yard plunge gave Bethel Park a 6-0 lead.

	Both Brookline and Bethel exchanged the ball at midfield after
	good defensive efforts. At the five minute mark of the second
	quarter, the Knights began a drive from their own thirty-five.
	Two long runs by Quran Powe positioned Brookline in the Bethel
	redzone. The Knights battered their way forward to the Hawk two
	yard line. With 1:26 remaining in the half, Raekwon Caldwell
	covered the remaining distance to tie the game. A two-pointer
	by Powe put Brookline on top, 8-6, going into halftime.

	Brookline kicked off to begin the second half. A penalty on the
	return pushed the Hawks back to their twenty-four yard line.
	Bethel then began a spirited drive downfield. Some good running
	and a forty-two yard pass reception advanced the Hawks all the
	way to the Brookline twelve. With their backs to the wall, the
	Knight defense rose to the occasion, forcing a fumble that was
	recovered by Justin Howell at the ten. It was a turning point.
The Knights defense did a fine job
keeping the Bethel attack in check.
	The Knights seized the momentum. Two hard runs moved the sticks
	forward ten yards. Then Powe broke free on an eighty yard dash
	to the endzone. Once Quran passed the front line, he hit the
	afterburner and it was off to the races. Brookline now led by
	the score of 14-6. The Hawks were visibly shaken from the
	sudden and dramatic change of fortunes.

	The Knight defenders forced another Bethel punt. Brookline used
	the opportunity to put the game away. As the third quarter came
	to an end, the Knights began another foray into Hawk territory.
	Powe ran the ball six times for forty-six yards and three first
	downs. From the Hawk five yard line, Curtis Bradley put the
	icing on the cake with a scoring run to increase the Brookline
	lead to 20-6. With only five minutes remaining,	the fat lady
	began to sing her siren's song.

	After a final failed offensive series, the Hawks ceded the ball
	to the Knights. With 1:34 left on the clock, quarterback Jeremy
	Jenkins took three successive knees. When the buzzer sounded,
	the Knights players, coaches and fans burst into celebration.
	The Brookline Knights are the undisputed 2013 SSYFL Champions!
The Knights offense played a great game.
	By the numbers:

	Brookline gained 227 total yards, all on the ground. The Knight
	rushers include Powe 21/204, Caldwell 5/26, Bradley 5/8 and
	Jenkins 3/-11. Brookline attempted two incomplete passes, were
	penalized only twice for fifteen yards, and had no turnovers.
	The offense registered eight first downs.

	Bethel Park had 158 yards offense on the day, running the ball
	thirty-three times for 116 and passed once for forty-two. The
	Hawks moved the sticks seven times, committed three penalties
	for twenty yards, and had one critical third quarter turnover.

	The victory capped off an impressive 9-0 season in which the
	Knights outscored their opponents by the combined score of
	270-96. Led by the strong offensive and defensive play of Quran
	Powe, who scored 116 points this year, Brookline came together
	as a team, put aside their early-season jitters, and emerged
	as one of the best football clubs in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
As the clock wound down, so did
the hopes of a Bethel victory.
	For Coach Brian Nicholas, it was a fitting end to his stellar
	career as an instructor and mentor with the Knights program.
	After fifteen years on the sidelines, Brian retired after the
	2007 season. He made a comeback this year, and proved that the
	number sixteen truly can be sweet. The Knights championship is
	the fifth in Coach Brian's legendary tenure.

	Speaking of career achievements, this game was significant for
	another Brookline Knight. Quran Powe's eight points gave him a
	grand total of 500 points in his four years with the Knights.
	Quran has lit up the scoreboard seventy-eight times and added
	sixteen two-point conversions. The prolific speedster is the
	only Brookline Knight to reach the five hundred point mark.
The Knights charge onto the field.
	Here is a play-by-play chronicle of the Knights-Hawks game:

	Brookline wins coin toss - elects to receive.

	Bethel kickoff goes out of bounds at the B43.

	Brookline ball - 10:00 1st Quarter

	B43 - 1/10 - Quran Powe 10 run
	H47 - 1/10 - Curtis Bradley 7 run
	H40 - 2/03 - Quran Powe 2 run
	H38 - 3/01 - Quran Powe 6 run
	H32 - 1/10 - Quran Powe 5 run
	H27 - 2/05 - Curtis Bradley 2 run
	H25 - 3/02 - Curtis Bradley run for six yard loss
	H31 - 4/08 - Jeremy Jenkins run for eight yard loss

	Brookline turns ball over on downs.

	Bethel ball - 6:23 1st Quarter

	H39 - 1/10 - PENALTY - Bethel - false start - 5 yards
	H34 - 1/15 - Two yard run
	H36 - 2/13 - Fifteen yard run
	B49 - 1/10 - Eight yard run
	B41 - 2/02 - Six yard run
	B35 - 1/10 - Six yard run
	B29 - 2/04 - Three yard run
	B26 - 3/01 - Run for no gain

	End of Quarter

	B26 - 3/01 - Three yard run
	B23 - 1/10 - Twenty-two yard run
	B01 - 1/01 - One yard run
	             Run for no gain

Bethel Park scored on their first possession.
	Bethel tries onside kick - recovered by Justice Jones
	at B48 and returned four yards to the h48

	Brookline ball - 9:07 2nd Quarter

	H48 - 1/10 - Quran Powe 4 run
	H44 - 2/06 - Quran Powe 2 run
	H42 - 3/04 - Jeremy Jenkins pass incomplete
	H42 - 4/04 - Quran Powe run for eight yard loss
	             FUMBLE - recovered by Quran Powe

	Brookline turns ball over on downs

	Bethel ball - 7:35 2nd Quarter

	M50 - 1/10 - One yard run
	B49 - 2/09 - Run for no gain
	B49 - 3/09 - One yard run
	B48 - 4/08 - punt

	Bethel punt goes out of bounds at the B35.

	Brookline ball - 5:10 2nd Quarter

	B35 - 1/10 - Quran Powe 17 run
	H48 - 1/10 - Quran Powe 28 run
	H20 - 1/10 - Curtis Bradley run for no gain
	             PENALTY - Bethel  - personal foul - 10 yards
	H10 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 8 run
	H02 - 2/02 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	H07 - 2/07 - Quran Powe 2 run
	H05 - 3/05 - Quran Powe 3 run
	H02 - 4/02 - Raeshawn Caldwell 2 run
	             CONVERSION GOOD
	             Quran Powe 3 run


	Brookline kicks off to H22, returned eight yards to H30

	Bethel ball - 1:19 2nd Quarter

	H30 - 1/10 - Two yard run
	H32 - 2/08 - Run for two yard loss
	H30 - 3/10 - One yard run
The cheerleaders were super!
	Second Half begins ...

	Brookline kicks off to H30, returned four yards to H34
	PENALTY - Bethel - illegal block - 10 yards

	Bethel ball - 9:55 3rd Quarter

	H24 - 1/10 - Three yard run
	H27 - 2/07 - Eight yard run
	H35 - 1/10 - Run for no gain
	H35 - 2/10 - Forty-two yard pass reception
	B23 - 1/10 - Six yard run
	B17 - 2/04 - Three yard run
	B14 - 3/01 - Run for no gain
	B14 - 4/01 - Two yard run
	B12 - 1/10 - Run for no gain
	             FUMBLE - recovered by Justin Howell at B10

	Brookline ball - 4:18 3rd Quarter

	B10 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 7 run
	B17 - 2/03 - Quran Powe 3 run
	B20 - 1/10 - Quran Powe 80 run
	             Jeremy Jenkins pass incomplete


	Brookline kicks off to H25, returned eight yards to H33

	Bethel ball - 2:36 3rd Quarter

	H33 - 1/10 - One yard run
	H34 - 2/09 - One yard run
	H35 - 3/08 - Two yard run
	H37 - 4/06 - punt

	Bethel punt goes out of bounds at the B45
The Knights beat Bethel Park
for the third time this season.
The third time really is a charm!
	Brookline ball - 0:43 3rd Quarter

	B45 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 4 run

	End of Quarter

	B49 - 2/06 - Quran Powe 8 run
	H43 - 1/10 - Quran Powe 8 run
	H35 - 2/02 - Quran Powe run for no gain
	             PENALTY - Brookline - holding - 10 yards
	H45 - 2/12 - Quran Powe 10 run
	H35 - 3/02 - Quran Powe 3 run
	H32 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 5 run
	H27 - 2/05 - Quran Powe 17 run
	             PENALTY - Bethel - face mask - 5 yards
	H05 - 1/10 - Curtis Bradley 5 run
	             Quran Powe 1 run


	Brookline kicks off to H24, returned seven yards to H31

	Bethel ball - 3:21 4th Quarter

	H31 - 1/10 - Three yard run
	H34 - 2/06 - Sixteen yard run
	M50 - 1/10 - Run for no gain
	M50 - 2/10 - Two yard run
	B48 - 3/08 - Run for no gain
	B48 - 4/08 - punt

	Bethel punt goes out of bounds at the B26

	Brookline ball - 1:34 4th Quarter

	B26 - 1/10 - Jeremy Jenkins takes knee for one yard loss
	B25 - 2/11 - Jeremy Jenkins takes knee for one yard loss
	B24 - 3/12 - Jeremy Jenkins takes knee for one yard loss

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The Brookline Knights are #1.
	Congratulations to the 2013 Super Bowl Champions, the 13-year
	old Brookline Knights:

	The Players: Raekwon Caldwell, Justice Jones, Amir Bey-Davis,
	Tymugyn "Mar" Oaks, Anthony Carrington, Seth Derrick, Curtis
	Bradley, Quran Powe, Joel Wert, Evan Miller, Sylvio Cercone,
	Trevor Hazen, Logen Solomon, Dominick Emma, Branden Wysong,
	Nathan Ault, Jacob Graham, Nathan Kendall, Khalil Weathers,
	Robert Sherene, Justin Howell, Brent Ivory, L.J. Orbovich
	and Jeremy Jenkins.

	The Coaches: Brian Nicholas, Scott Hazen and Kenny Jones.

Two New Championship Banners To Raise In
The Brookline Knights Hall Of Champions



Brookline Football

Coach Joe Nicholas Doing Double Duty

Joe Nicholas
Brookline Knights President Joe Nicholas was doing double duty. He was
also acting in his capacity as President of the SSYFL. It was a
great day for Joe and the Knights organization.

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