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Week #10 - November 2, 2014

PYFL Super Bowl

Brookline Knights

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	WEEK #10 - November 2, 2014 - PYFL SUPER BOWL

	11-UNDER                         @ Chartiers Valley High School

	Montour 22 - BROOKLINE 8

	Scoring Summary:

	MN - 27 yard run (conversion run good - 2)
	MN - 25 yard run (conversion run good - 2)
	BR - Raeshawn Caldwell 21 run
		(Antwain Carter 5 pass from Antwan Peterson - 2)
	MN - 43 yard run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Coach Joe Nicholas and Brookline's 11-Under Knights came
	to Chartiers Valley High School to take on the Montour Spartans
	in the 1st Annual Parkway Youth Football League Super Bowl.

	The top-seeded Knights brought along an undefeated 9-0 record
	and high hopes that this would be the year that Brookline would
	end the Spartan playoff jinx and bring home a championship.

	For the past two years, Brookline has defeated Montour in the
	regular season, only to fall to the Spartans in the playoffs.
	This year, the Knights were again victorious in the opening
	contest	and once more found themselves facing the dreaded
	Spartan Menace as the final obstacle in their path to glory.

	Brookline's players and fans arrived at Chartiers Valley's
	Colt Stadium confident that the third time would be the charm.
The Knights prepare to take the field of battle.
	Unfortunately for the Green and Black, Montour also showed up
	brimming with confidence. In a bitterly-fought contest that
	featured two evenly matched football teams, the Spartans
	out-hustled, out-gunned and out-played the Mighty Knights.
	They vanquished Brookline by the score of 22-8.

	The game began ominously for the Knights. Starting from near
	midfield, Montour scored on their third play from scrimmage.
	It was a forty-nine yard run by Number Six, Zachary Carletti.

	Luckily for the Knights, a penalty negated the six-pointer.
	The referee's call did not, however, change the tone of the
	game. Yellow flags, and Carletti the Spartan, would soon
	become a persistent problem.

	Brookline's defense rebounded from the near disaster and, two
	plays later, forced a fumble that was recovered by Visawn
	Pennix. The Knights offense took over and were held to just
	nine yards on four snaps. The Spartans then seized control.

	From their own forty-five yard line, Montour drove steadily
	downfield. A fourth down conversion run and a sixteen yard
	pass reception gave the Spartans a first down at the Knights
	twenty-seven yard line. From there, Carletti covered the
	remaining distance to the goal. A five yard, two-point sweep
	on the next play earned the Spartans an 8-0 lead.
Both teams gather during a timeout.
	A booming kickoff put the Brookline offense back in possession
	at their own thirteen. Knight runners powered the ball out to
	the twenty-nine yard line. Two critical penalties reversed the
	course and pushed them back to the Brookline seven.

	On second and thirty-two, an option pass from Raeshawn Caldwell
	to Jamyle Liebro advanced the pigskin twenty-three yards and
	gave Brookline a fighting chance. An incomplete pass and a
	third penalty killed the kharma and forced Brookline to punt.

	The kick traveled only five yards, then bounced back to the
	twenty-five before being downed. With great field position, the
	Spartans went on the attack. Brookline's defenders held them in
	place for three plays.

	On fourth and ten, Carletti took a handoff and broke loose for
	his second touchdown. This was followed by another successful
	Spartan two-point conversion. The first half ended with Montour
	firmly in command, 16-0.

	Raeshawn Caldwell instilled new life into the Brookline attack
	by returning the second half kickoff twenty-two yards to the
	Brookline forty-seven. Caldwell then blasted forward with two
	strong first down runs.

	Raeshawn finished his skillful work by putting Brookline back
	in the game with a twenty-one yard dash to the endzone. A good
	conversion toss from Antwan Peterson to Antwain Carter cut the
	Spartan advantage to eight points at 16-8.
Antwain Carter scores on a conversion pass.
	The ensuing kickoff was well-covered and Montour was downed at
	their own twenty-nine. Just as it looked like the Knights might
	be on the verge of a comeback, the Spartans turned up the heat.

	Two nice runs and an encroachment penalty pushed the ball past
	midfield to the Brookline forty-three. The Spartans then handed
	off to the swift and sure-footed Carletti, who found another
	crease in the Knight line and went all the way for his third
	endzone celebration of the game. Montour now led 22-8.

	The Knights were down, but not yet out. Starting from their own
	forty-three yard line, fine running by Pennix and Caldwell gave
	Brookline a first down inside the Montour redzone. The Knights
	advanced as far as the ten. The Spartan	line stiffened. A huge
	backfield tackle on fourth and one was the dagger that pierced
	the Knights armor.

	With eight minutes left in the game, Brookline's Knights were
	teetering on the edge of elimination. The defense gallantly
	fought on, holding Montour to just four yards and forcing a
	punt. The Knights got one final chance at mounting a comeback.

	A third down interception ended Brookline's title dreams and
	sealed the victory for the Spartans. Montour ran out the final
	four minutes to take the grand prize and proclaim themselves
	as the 2014 PYFL Super Bowl champions.
Brookline's offense played well but
penalties doomed their effort.
	By the numbers: Brookline gained 144 total yards. The Knights
	rushed twenty-six times for 118 and gained twenty-six through
	the air. Runners included Raeshawn Caldwell (12/100), Visawn
	Pennix (6/26), Antwain Carter (3/1) and Antwan Peterson (5/-9).

	Peterson was three-of-six passing for three yards and Caldwell
	completed one-of-one for twenty-three. Receivers were Jamyle
	Liebro (1/23), Carter (1/5) and Pennix (2/-2). Zaire Nelson
	added five yards, and Caldwell twenty-two, on kick returns.
	The Knights were penalized seven times for forty-five yards.

	Montour gained 184 total yards. They rushed thirty-three times
	for 160 yards and completed two-of-five passes for twenty-four.
	They gained a further eight yards on kick returns and were
	penalized four times for thirty yards.

	The Spartans had six first downs to the Knights five. Both
	teams lost one turnover. On the bright side, Brookline held
	Montour to a yard or less on eighteen of their thirty-three
	carries. It was a brutal afternoon in the frontline trenches.

	Hats off to Montour's Zachary Carletti. The young Spartan has
	been a thorn in Brookline's side for the past four years. His
	three touchdown day and determined play on defense was a
	performance worthy of the legendary Spartan warrior Leonidas.
The pre-game coin toss.
	Here is a play-by-play chronicle of the Knights-Spartans game:

	Brookline wins coin toss - elects to defend.

	Brookline kicks off to M42 - returned to B49

	Montour ball - 9:54 1st Quarter

	X50 - 1/10 - 2 yard run
	B48 - 2/08 - run for one yard loss
	B49 - 3/09 - 49 yard run for touchdown
	             PENALTY - Montour - illegal block - 10 yards
	             net 3 yard run
	B46 - 3/10 - PENALTY - Brookline - encroachment - 5 yards
	B41 - 3/05 - run for one yard loss
	B42 - 4/06 - run for five yard loss
	             FUMBLE recovered by Visawn Pennix at B47

	Brookline ball - 6:16 1st Quarter

	B47 - 1/10 - Visawn Pennix 1 run
	B48 - 2/09 - Antwain Carter 2 run
	X50 - 3/07 - Raeshawn Caldwell 5 run
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	M45 - 4/02 - Antwan Peterson run for no gain

	Brookline turns ball over on downs.
Raeshawn Caldwell picks up some tough yards.
	Montour ball - 4:04 1st Quarter

	M45 - 1/10 - run for no gain
	M45 - 2/10 - run for no gain
	M45 - 3/10 - completed pass for 8 yards
	B47 - 4/02 - 3 yard run
	B44 - 1/10 - 1 yard run
	B43 - 2/09 - PENALTY - Montour - false start - 5 yards
	B48 - 3/14 - 5 yard run

	End of Quarter

	             TIMEOUT - Montour
	B43 - 4/09 - completed pass for 16 yards
	B27 - 1/10 - run for no gain
	B27 - 2/10 - incomplete pass
	B27 - 3/10 - 27 yard run
	             5 yard run

Antwan Peterson looks for running room.
	Montour kicks off to B8
	Zaire Nelson 5 yard return to B13

	Brookline ball - 8:07 2nd Quarter

	B13 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 6 run
	B19 - 2/04 - Visawn Pennix 2 run
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	B21 - 3/02 - Antwan Peterson 8 run
	B29 - 1/10 - Antwan Peterson -7 run
	             PENALTY - Brookline - illegal block - 10 yards
	B12 - 1/27 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	B07 - 1/32 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	B07 - 2/32 - Raeshawn Caldwell 23 pass to Jamyle Liebro
	B30 - 3/09 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	B30 - 4/09 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	B25 - 4/14 - punt

	Raeshawn Caldwell kicks to B30 - balls rolls back to B25

	Montour ball - 3:35 - 2nd Quarter

	B25 - 1/10 - run for three yard loss
	B28 - 2/13 - 3 yard run
	B25 - 3/10 - incomplete pass
	B25 - 4/10 - 25 yard run
	             5 yard run


	Montour kicks to B38 - no return

	Brookline ball - 2:01 2nd Quarter

	B38 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 2 run
	B40 - 2/08 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	B35 - 3/13 - Raeshawn Caldwell 8 run
Visawn Pennis is solid like a rock.
	Second Half Begins ...

	Montour kicks off to B25
	Raeshawn Caldwell returns 22 yards to B47

	Brookline ball - 9:53 3rd Quarter

	B47 - 1/10 - Visawn Pennix run for seven yard loss
	             PENALTY - Brookline - holding - 10 yards
	B30 - 1/27 - Raeshawn Caldwell 31 run
	M38 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 8 run
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	M30 - 2/02 - Raeshawn Caldwell 7 run
	M23 - 1/10 - Raeshawn Caldwell 3 run
	M20 - 2/07 - Antwain Carter 1 run
	M19 - 3/06 - Antwain Carter run for two yard loss
	M21 - 4/08 - Raeshawn Caldwell 21 run
	             Antwain Carter 5 pass from Antwan Peterson

Running back Antwain Carter gets pushed out of bounds.
	Brookline kicks to M30 - return for one yard loss to M29

	Montour ball - 4:40 3rd Quarter

	M29 - 1/10 - 16 yard run
	M45 - 1/10 - run for three yard loss
	M42 - 2/13 - ten yard run
	B48 - 3/02 - PENALTY - Brookline - encroachment - 5 yards
	B43 - 1/10 - 43 yard run
	             incomplete pass

Zachary Carletti (#6) is the Spartan
version of the legendary Leonidas.
	Montour kicks goes out of bounds at B44

	Brookline ball - 2:43 3rd Quarter

	B44 - 1/10 - Visawn Pennix 23 run
	M33 - 1/10 - Antwan Peterson run for eight yard loss
	M41 - 2/18 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	M41 - 3/18 - Raeshawn Caldwell 22 run
	M19 - 1/10 - Antwan Peterson run for two yard loss

	End of Quarter

	M21 - 2/12 - Visawn Pennix 1 run
	M20 - 3/11 - Antwan Peterson pass incomplete
	             PENALTY - Montour - face mask - 5 yards
	M15 - 3/06 - Visawn Pennix 5 run
	M10 - 4/01 - Raeshawn Caldwell run for ten yard loss

	Brookline turns ball over on downs.
Brookline last offensive threat came at the
end of the third quarter.
	Montour ball - 8:25 - 4th Quarter

	             TIMEOUT - Montour
	M20 - 1/10 - 2 yard run
	M22 - 2/08 - 1 yard run
	M23 - 3/07 - 1 yard run
	M24 - 4/06 - punt

	Montour kicks to B35 - no return

	Brookline ball - 5:56 4th Quarter

	B35 - 1/10 - Antwan Peterson 3 pass to Visawn Pennix
	B38 - 2/07 - Raeshawn Caldwell run for three yard loss
	B35 - 3/10 - Antwan Peterson pass intercepted at M37
	             returned 28 yards to B35
	             PENALTY - Montour - illegal block - 10 yards

	Montour ball - 4:08 4th Quarter

	B45 - 1/10 - run for one yard loss
	B46 - 2/11 - run for no gain
	B46 - 3/11 - 11 yard run
	B35 - 1/10 - 1 yard run
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	B34 - 2/09 - 11 yard run
	B23 - 1/10 - run for no gain
	B23 - 2/10 - run for two yard loss
	B25 - 3/12 - 1 yard run
	             TIMEOUT - Brookline
	B24 - 4/11 - run for no gain

	Brookline ball - 0:38 4th Quarter

	B24 - 1/10 - Antwan Peterson pass to Visawn Pennis
	             play goes for five yard loss
	B19 - 2/15 - GAME CLOCK - EXPIRED



Photos From The PYFL Super Bowl Game

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	                   THANKS FOR A GREAT SEASON

	Although the loss to the Spartans in the Super Bowl is a bitter
	disappointment, it is important to note what a spectacular run
	of success these Knights have had in the past four years.

	Since many of these players were eight years old, they have
	compiled a 30-8 record, outscoring their opponents by a grand
	total of 901-308. They have been to the Super Bowl twice in the
	past three years and, although coming up short both times, have
	represented the Brookline Knights with dignity and honor.

	Congratulations to Brookline's 11-Under team on a fine season.
	It really was a pleasure watching you play ...

	Antwan Peterson, Mekhi Gay, Ryan Elliott, Zaire Nelson, Jamyle
	Liebro, Branndon Pezzelle, Antwain Carter, Visawn Pennix, Asahn
	Bey-Davis, Raeshawn Caldwell, Leevon Gaines, Andrew Cagey, Mark
	Cash, Micah Brown, Sean Smith, Jacob Davis, John Brueken, Idris
	Wilson, Derian Epps, Alexander Jones, Michael Jackson, Anthony
	Secilia, Qwamae Morris, Gerald Secilia, Justin Gmys, Matthew
	Phillips, William Altman and coaches Joe and Joey Nicholas.
	WEEK #10 - November 2, 2014      @ Chartiers Valley High School

	11-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 0 - Montour 0

	NOTES: In the Super Bowl exhibition contest, Brookline's Junior
	Varsity Knights fought the JV Spartans to a virtual standstill.
	After forty minutes of play, the game ended in a scoreless tie.

	Zaire Nelson broke free for a fifty-two yard touchdown run in
	the first half, but his fine run was negated by a penalty.

	Brookline defenders Idris Wilson, Andrew Cagey, Gerald Secilia
	and Michael Jackson all had several tackles to their credit as
	the Knights registered their second shutout of the year.

	Brookline's JV Knights ended their season with a 5-2-1 record.

'Curse You, Red Baron.'

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