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Week #10 - November 1, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	BROOKLINE 32 - Avonworth 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Khalil Sanders 3 run (Michael Roper run)
	Michael Roper 1 run (Khalil Sanders run)
	Michael Roper 7 run (Khalil Sanders run)
	Malik Petite 50 pass from Michael Roper (Michael Roper run)

	Fumble Recovery: Gino Foster (2), Joey Kalsek
	Interception: Michael Roper, Khalil Sanders
The Knights came ready for playoff football.
They came away with a resounding 32-14 win.
	NOTES: Coach Donnie brought his Mighty Knights to Quarry Field
	to take on the Avonworth Eagles in the opening round of the
	SSYFL playoffs. Eager to defend their back-to-back titles, the
	Knight's green machine pounded their way to a 32-14 victory in
	a tune-up for their rematch with crosstown rival North Hills.

	Avonworth won the coin toss and elected to receive. Little did
	they know that Gino Foster had a different idea. Gino pounced
	on the opening kickoff to give the Knights first possession.
	Foster's coup set the tone for the rest of the game.

	The Knights took control early and never let go. Brookline's
	first drive ended at the Avonworth nine, but that was the only
	time the offense failed to score in the first half. Quarterback
	Michael Roper and running back Khalil Sanders, who finished
	with over 100 yards rushing, led the team on a scoring blitz.

	Roper methodically led the Knights up and down the field. The
	running game was the prefered method of attack, but when the
	need arose, Michael's passing arm was primed and ready. He and
	Sanders spent the first twenty minutes tearing up the turf to
	build up a 24-0 halftime lead. The defense kept pace with the
	offense. They hit hard and took the life out of the Eagles.
Khalil Sanders scores the Knights first touchdown.
	The blitz continued in the second half. Brookline took the
	kickoff and struck again. On a 4th and ten at midfield, Roper
	threw a bomb that Malik Petite took in stride and carried to
	the endzone for the Knight's fourth touchdown. Roper's good
	conversion made the score 32-0 with eighteen minutes to play.

	At this point, the second-stringers took over and carried the
	Knight's home to victory. Joe Bonnar and Tony Manuel combined
	with Brookline's newest backfield phenomenon, Zacheria Sesay,
	on a short drive of their own. Like William "The Refrigerator"
	Perry of Chicago Bears fame, Big Zach rumbled into the line
	like a freight train and would not go down. Sesay gained
	twenty-four yards on three carries, mostly with several Eagle
	defenders clinging to his back.
Zacheria Sesay (#62) made an interesting
addition to the Knights potent backfield.
	Although the drive faltered at the Avonworth eleven, it used
	up over five minutes on the game clock. With the score out of
	reach and time running short, Avonworth managed to complete
	two successful drives of their own. Both produced touchdown
	receptions, bringing the final score to 32-14. Onside kick
	recoveries by Petite and David Suwalski kept things honest.

	It was a typical Mighty Knight masterpiece. Solid offensive
	and defensive performances. Intensity, Drive and Confidence.
	We purposely left out the word Concentration. When the score
	is 32-0 it's easy to overlook the silly penalties and dropped
	passes. The Knights look ready for the next step, but should
	work on concentration. The North Hills Warriors will not be
	quite as forgiving as Avonworth.
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Templar Knights, in their distinctive
white mantles with green cross, were
among the most skilled fighting
formations in history. The heavily
armored knights on their warhorses
were feared and respected warriors.


	BROOKLINE 26 - Southside 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Michael Ignasky 1 run (Louie Rotunda pass from Zach Spath)
	Tonyea Curry 31 pass from Zach Spath (conversion failed)
	Michael Ignasky 21 run (conversion failed)
	Nick Sywyj 1 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Dominic Amato

	NOTES: The Brookline Knights came to Southside's castle and
	proved that the broadsword is mightier than the sabre. When
	this medieval blood-letting was over, the Knights had laid
	waste to the Sabre's homeland. The 26-6 thrashing propelled
	the Knights into the semi-finals and put a less than merciful
	end to the Sabre's season.

	Southside punted away their first possession and Brookline's
	offense came out blazing. Michael Ignasky and Nick Sywyj
	pounded the ball downfield. The six minute onslaught
	culminated with a one yard run by Ignasky. A Louie Rotunda
	reception added two more points for an early 8-0 Knight lead.
The offense had a big day.
	Southside was forced to punt again. With thirty seconds to go
	in the first period, quarterback Zach Spath launched a perfect
	bomb to Tonyea Curry in the corner of the endzone for the
	Knight's second touchdown. Spath's pass spiraled well over
	forty yards before reaching it's intended target. Very nice!

	Forced to punt once more, the Sabres had their shining moment.
	The Knight offense took over and Southside pushed them back
	into a 3rd and 20 at midfield. Spath connected with Rotunda on
	a short pass. Louie ran for eight yards ... and got tanked!
	Both he and the ball went airborne, in different directions.
	The ball landed gracefully in the arms of a Sabre defender,
	who sped 58 yards for a score. Southside's conversion toss was
	broken up by Ryan Mandarino. Brookline's lead was cut to 14-6.
The defense squashed the
Sabre attack all game.
	Unfazed, Brookline charged right back. The Knights took the
	kickoff and marched downfield. Ignasky and Sywyj again led the
	charge, grinding out three first downs before Ignasky broke
	free on a twenty-one yard blast for his second TD of the game.
	The Knights went into halftime leading 20-6.

	Halftime at Quarry Field should come with a warning label -
Beware of the 'Southside Chant.'
It can cause sudden illness.
	After both the Southside and Brookline cheerleaders put on
	really nice shows, the Southside fans burst into this comedy
	they called the "Southside Chant" or whatever. It was hideous!
	P-L-E-A-S-E! Next time warn us so we can bring some earplugs.
	Once this acoustic nightmare was over the game resumed.

	Determined to spare further opponents from having to endure
	any future renderings of the "Southside Chant", Brookline took
	the second half kickoff and excorcised that demon. A 36 yard
	run by Ignasky and another bomb from Spath to Curry positioned
	the ball at the Sabre one yard line. From there, Sywyj powered
	into the endzone, increasing the Knight's edge to 26-6.

	The game now entered a brief psychotic phase. Still nauseated
	by the chant thing, Dominic Amato went momentarily berzerk and
	took out his frustration on anyone wearing black and gold. On
	the kickoff return, Amato zeroed in on the runner and blasted
	him with a punishing hit. Dominic then forced Southside into a
	4th and forty-one with two sacks totalling thirty-two yards.
Dominic Amato put the big
hurt on the Southside Sabres.
A fumble recovery, two sacks
and several highlight stick
hits rocked their world.
	The Knights threatened to turn the game into a complete rout
	early in the fourth quarter. They drove inside the Southside
	ten yard line. A timely goal line interception restored some
	semblance of pride to the Sabre sideline. Overall, aside from
	these rare moments, Southside got spanked for forty minutes.

	Michael Ignasky finished the game with 130 yards rushing. Nick
	Sywyj added thirty-six more the hard way. Zach Spath enjoyed
	a fine day with over 100 yards passing. The Knight defense
	dominated the Sabres all day. Except for two brief episodes,
	they kept the Southside attackers completely locked up.
The first stringers got a well-deserved
rest in the fourth quarter with the
score 26-6. They played a great game.
	Brookline now moves into the next round of the playoffs riding
	a string of three impressive victories. It's time to step up
	to a higher level. The next opponent will undoubtedly have
	more to offer than the vanquished Sabres. Go Knights!
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