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Week #11 - November 8, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	North Hills 20 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	NH - TD run 35 yards (conversion run good)
	BR - Khalil Sanders 2 run (conversion failed)
	NH - TD run 14 yards (conversion failed)
	NH - TD run 5 yards (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Brendan Cunningham, Khalil Sanders
The Knights came ready to play,
but this was to be North Hills day.
	NOTES: The two-time defending champion Mighty Knights of
	Brookline came to North Hills for another battle with their
	crosstown rivals. The Conference Championship was on the line
	once more, and both teams were primed and ready to engage.
	When this war was officially declared over, the Warriors of
	North Hills had emerged victorious by the score of 20-6. It
	was the first time the Warriors have ever beaten the Knights.
	It was also the end to Brookline's dream of a three-peat.

	North Hills came on strong right from the beginning. They took
	the opening kickoff and marched 53 yards for the game's first
	score. Acing the conversion gave the Warriors an 8-0 lead.

	Both teams then exchanged turnovers. A Brendan Cunningham
	fumble recovery gave Brookline great field position at the
	Warrior 24 yard line. Five plays later, Khalil Sanders found
	the endzone with a two yard run. A failed conversion attempt
	left North Hills on top 8-6.

	The Warriors took the ensuing kickoff and went on another 53
	yard drive. This march ended with a fourteen yard touchdown
	run at 5:24 of the second quarter. Both teams then chewed up
	the turf until time expired. North Hills led 14-6 at the half.

	The second half began where the first left off. Both teams
	battled it out on the ground. The ball moved back and forth
	across midfield. At 3:37 of the third quarter North Hills went
	on a seven minute drive. Strangely enough, the fifteen play
	marathon netted only fifteen yards before the Warriors were
	forced to punt. But, what a punt it was! The ball rolled all
	the way to the Brookline one before coming to a stop.
A fourth quarter timeout. This was
the do-or-die moment in the game.
	With their backs to the wall and only six minutes remaining,
	the Knights nudged the ball forward four yards in three plays.
	Faced with a 4th and six from their own five, Coach Donnie
	called a timeout. With only four minutes to play, punting was
	not an option. The time had come to lay it all on the line.

	Quarterback Michael Roper dropped back to pass. He let loose
	a bomb that sailed just out of the reach of Malik Petite. The
	Knights turned the ball over. On the next play, a Warrior back
	covered the five yards to the goal, giving North Hills a 20-6
	edge and a ticket to the SSYFL Super Bowl.

	Sometimes it's a game of numbers, and we don't mean the score.
	North Hills outrushed the Knights 161-87. North Hills beat
	Brookline in the takeaway game, 3-1. Brookline also committed
	seven penalties totaling forty yards. Unfortunately for our
	Knights, these are not the kind of numbers that win battles.
The Knights line up to receive their
Conference runner-up shirts. Three
championships and two runners-up
isn't bad for a five year span.
	Finally, here are two numbers for everyone to memorize. Three
	and forty-five. In the past five years our Mighty Knights have
	won three championships. In the same span their won-loss
	record is an amazing 45-8. These are the numbers to remember!
	The Brookline Knight's eleven year olds have a lot to be proud
	of. The accomplishments both this season and in the prior four
	years are something that most kids their age only dream of.

	Season Won-Loss Records:

	2004 (9-1), 2005 (4-4), 2006 (12-0), 2007 (11-1), 2008 (9-2).


	North Hills 36 - BROOKLINE 0

	Scoring Summary:

	NH - TD run 1 yard (conversion failed)
	NH - TD run 39 yards (conversion pass good)
	NH - TD run 35 yards (conversion pass good)
	NH - Interception return 70 yards (conversion run good)
	NH - TD run 30 yards (conversion failed)
North Hills doesn't look so menacing
at a distance, but up close they
were bigger, better and hungrier.
	NOTES: The Knights were manhandled by the North Hills Chiefs.
	Offensively, defensively, mentally and physically, the Knights
	were outplayed, outhustled, outhit and outran. By the end of
	the first half, there was no fire left on the Brookline bench,
	just a bunch of cold kids who wanted to go home.

	North Hills built a 30-0 halftime lead. They were unstoppable.
	The only thing that held them back was their own penalties. On
	defense, they kept an iron grip on the Knight attack, allowing
	only one first down.
The Knights deepest penetration into
North Hills territory ended here with
a seventy yard interception return,
changing the scoreboard to 28-0.
	A touchdown run on the Chief's first possession of the second
	half was the final straw. The Knight's backs were broken and
	the fat lady began to sing. The second-teamers weren't really
	listening. They got tough and stopped a late-game drive by
	North Hills deep in their own territory. That could be
	considered the high point of an otherwise dismal performance.

	Now that the season is over, it's time to reflect not on what
	just happened, but what has happened over eleven games. Think
	about the past three games, when you outscored your opponents
	100-26. Think about how you beat Southside on their home turf.
	Remember that your record was 7-4, a .636 winning percentage.
	These are all measures of success, and this was a good year!

	The cheerleaders also gave us their final performance of the
	season and, despite being frozen, turned in another fine show.
	All season, the girl who does the flip at the end has dazzled
	the crowd time and again. Who is that girl? Colleen Cummings!

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